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International Organizations Attend “Buy Local” Procurement Workshop

As part of its “buy local” campaign, Peace Dividend Marketplace-Haiti recently held its first in a series of workshops for international organizations looking for ways to ... More
Navigating an unfamiliar contract maze presents yet another barrier for Haitian businesses

Training Haitian Companies to Bid When Opportunity Knocks

Navigating an unfamiliar maze of international contracts presents yet another barrier for Haitian businesses. Marketplace Haiti training expert Fransonnette Prussien is helpin... More

“Buy Local” in Cap Haitien: Peace Dividend Marketplace Goes North! / « Acheter local » au Cap Haïtien. Peace Dividend Marketplace a été dans le Nord !

Peace Dividend Marketplace is taking its “buy local” campaign to Cap Haitien, the country’s second largest city, as part of an ongoing effort to expand its services into... More
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All Hands on Deck in Haiti / All Hands mobilisés en Haïti

Using low-cost technologies and a cadre of volunteers from around the world, All Hands Volunteers is showing how even a small nongovernmental organization can make a big diffe... More

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