Supermarket Leads in Buying Local / Un Supermarché Donne Le Ton En Achetant Localement

This case study is the first in a series on Haiti’s agribusiness sector. The series is timed to accompany the release this week of PDT’s report on the agribusiness... More

CEPR Articles Examines PDT’s Survey on the Haitian Construction Sector

The Center for Economic and Policy Research has posted an extensive blog about Peace Dividend Trust’s recently-released survey of Haiti’s construction sector. PDT intervie... More

Restoring a Neighborhood Park / Restauration d’une Place Publique

Flooded with tents, the once lush and tree-lined Place St. Pierre in Petionville became a post-earthquake symbol of Haiti’s destitution.  However, the 500 families who call... More
tempo owner - Copy

Haitian Parliament Has a Home Thanks to TEMPO Construction / Le Parlement Haïtien a un Nouvel Immeuble Grace à TEMPO Construction

In three short years, TEMPO Construction has grown remarkably, but none of its projects can match the prestige associated with the one completed in November 2011:  reconstruc... More

PDT Report Examines Haiti’s Agribusiness Sector / Un rapport de PDT Examine le Secteur Agro-industriel d’Haïti

A new report by Peace Dividend Trust about agribusiness in Haiti describes a truly local sector that involves a variety of businesses adding value to products, but also a sect... More

PDT Cosponsors “Buy Local, Restore Haiti” Conference / PDT Co sponsorise la Conférence « Achte Lakay, Restore Ayiti »

PDT teams up with Partners Worldwide to encourage local procurement among buyers and suppliers.... More
Schoolchildren raise the Haitian flag at the opening of the new WV-built school at the Corail settlement site on the outskirts of Port au Prince.SHARE assignment: s110908-1Summary: Considered one of the big "successes" of our quake response. After a lon

General Maintenance: Reputation and Reconstruction

“Reputation is everything,” notes Sacha Blanchet, Director-General of General Maintenance, a Haitian construction firm. “Haiti is like a small town—word gets around fa... More

Le secteur de la construction en Haïti commence à ressentir l’effet positif des fonds d’aide

Les fonds d’aide circulent enfin en Haïti, et un sondage révolutionnaire sur le secteur critique de la construction au pays constate que les entreprises haïtiennes jouent... More

L’Enregistrement de vos entreprises sur le portail d’affaires du PDM-Haïti est maintenant à votre portée! / Registering Your Business on PDM-Haiti’s Online Directory Is Now at Your Fingertips!

Peace Dividend Trust lance une nouvelle plate-forme mobile qui permettra aux entreprises haïtiennes de s’inscrire par SMS sur notre portail d’affaires gratuit de faç... More
ConstructionSurvey-LeNouvelliste 001

Le Nouvelliste: Le secteur de la construction commence à ressentir l’effet positif des fonds d’aide / Aid dollars starting to bolster Haiti’s construction sector

Le sondage réalisé par PDT, entre les acheteurs internationaux et les fournisseurs locaux sur le secteur de la construction en Haiti, continue de faire parler de lui. Le Nou... More
finn church

Finn Church Aid: Building Schools and Capacity Together / Construire du même Coup des Ecoles et des Compétences

Building a solar-powered school strong enough to resist earthquakes and hurricanes would be a daunting project anywhere and by any standard. But Finn Church Aid was determined... More

Aid Dollars Starting to Bolster Haiti’s Construction Sector

With aid dollars finally flowing in Haiti, a groundbreaking survey of the country’s critical construction sector finds that Haitian businesses are playing a major role in th... More

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