Going, Going, Gone Green

“When it comes to environmental issues, [what was taught today] are things I didn’t know,” said Isaac Doboyou, Administrative Assistant and Finance Officer of Liberia Re... More

After a Terrible Fire, a Fashion House Makes a Come Back

After a devastating fire that led to the loss of everything, Rich Fulfillment Fashion House is once again navigating the tailoring landscape of Liberia. Rich Fulfillment Fashi... More

One Year Later: Approved Wear Fashion House

  Geneva Garr, General Manager and CEO of Approved Wear Fashion House, speaks of her business’s expansion since meeting Building Markets in 2011. She attributed much of... More

Bedrock Construction Company: Another Tender Notification Champion

Many people travel the world in search of what they call ‘green pastures’ and sometimes never return to their home country.  A Liberian named Parker Barcolleh almost had ... More

Serengeti wins contract in Gbarnga, Bong County

 After many years of living in the United States, Dr. Tokpa and his wife Kiapeh, returned to Liberia and decided to invest in a local hotel business. They settled in Gbarnga ... More

Taking to the Airwaves with a Radio Drama Series

Even though Building Markets has been in Liberia since 2011 and is working with over 2,200 businesses, not that many ordinary Liberians have heard about us or our motto: Buy L... More
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June Newsletter Features our Work with USAID FED

Our June newsletter is food focused. Liberia imports 60% of its rice, the staple food in Liberia. Most Liberian rice growers are subsistence farmers, producing just enough to ... More

SMI-L Tender Notification Expands Salinco International, Inc.

Salinco International, Inc. is experiencing rapid transformation.  Established in 2010, the company has expanded its client list with more reputable buyers, created new busi... More
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Buy Local, Keep Liberia Green

Building Markets is going green. Though Building Markets environmental impact is very small, certain businesses we help grow can have tremendous impact on Liberia’s environm... More

Where is the Market?

“One of the major problems is that we don’t have the market. We have a lot of people who are producing cassava here in Nimba County. They are able to produce cassava but w... More

SMI-L Boosts a Carpentry Business

Daniel Scott’s carpentry business, called Scott’s Industrial Construction, has come a long way since he inherited it from his father in 2006. At the time Scott was still i... More
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SMI-L’s 2nd Newsletter Showcases Creative Ways of Engaging Buyers & Suppliers

Our May newsletter is out!... More

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