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SME Links to Concession Supply Chain with Support from SMI-L

Extractive companies have long been active in Liberia, but incorporating local companies into their supply chains has been difficult for both buyers and suppliers. Local small... More
go green money tree

Buy Local, Keep Liberia Green

Building Markets is going green. Though Building Markets environmental impact is very small, certain businesses we help grow can have tremendous impact on Liberia’s environm... More
Catherine Johnson

Meet Catherine Johnson: Senior Matchmaking Associate

One thing we’re keen to do on Building Markets’ country blogs is help you get to know the people behind each project’s success. We like to talk about success, but we... More
Workers at That's Jesus Again Woodshop

A Nimba County Woodshop Wins Clients

Ebenezer M. Belleh started his carpentry shop called That’s Jesus Again with three employees in Nimba County in 2012. He began by selling unfinished products, such as timber... More

Matchmaking Event Builds Matelco’s Success

Established in 2009 with only one employee, Matelco Inc. is a dealer in over 900 different varieties of goods. Goods on sale include everything from agro tools to construction... More
Megan Wall staff pic copy

Meet Megan Wall: Business Development Manager

We want to introduce you to the people behind our Liberia project.... More

Going, Going, Gone Green

“When it comes to environmental issues, [what was taught today] are things I didn’t know,” said Isaac Doboyou, Administrative Assistant and Finance Officer of Liberia Re... More
DSCN0789 copy

Building Trust Between Buyers and Suppliers

Augustine Sartie started his IT installation business, called Diamond Communications, out of his car in 2006, building up his client base one installation at a time. Since the... More

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