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Emprema members at Building Markets' event, The SME Reality and the Participation of Women in August 2015

Emprema, an Emerging Recipe for Successful Women’s Entrepreneurship in Mozambique

Emprema is a diversified association of female entrepreneurs in Matola. It represents 68 women who operate businesses ranging from sewing and catering to agriculture and avicu... More
Access to Finance Training Session

Access to Finance Training Brings Down Barriers Between SMEs and Banks

When Building Markets launched its Access to Finance (A2F) program in Mozambique in early 2014, the team witnessed firsthand the difficulties small and medium-sized businesses... More

Building Markets Mozambique launches its new Access to Finance project

Mozambique has enjoyed a decade of sustained economic growth and macroeconomic stability. However, this growth can largely be attributed to natural resource mega projects whic... More
The Yi-Tachura Association machamba, or small garden

Growing Slowly, Growing Steadily: The Yi-Tachura Association in Mozambique

The story of the Yi-Tachura Association starts with Glória Chambude, a burst of optimism and kindness who decided, after working for 15 years on her own, to open a part of he... More
Milva Boaventura discusses Building Markets with potential clients at FACIM; Photo courtesy of Developing Market Associates

Market Linkages are Critical to Local SME Development

In August, weighed in on a popular topic within Mozambican media and policy-making circles with the article “How Mozambique Can Benefit More from Its Massive ... More
Building Markets A2F team

Bringing Bankers and Guarantee Providers Together to Increase SME Access to Finance

Collateral, a common concept in formal economies like the United States and Canada, is a huge barrier for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Mozambique. While financ... More
Ms. Anabela (right), with Building Markets Project Director Kim Loranger (center), and Building Markets Technical Manager Esmilda Dombo (left).

Building Markets Expands its Reach to Nampula – the Northern Economic Hub of Mozambique

Nampula, located in the Northeast of Mozambique, is the third largest city and the economic hub of the country’s north. Although the region has a sizable small and medium si... More