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Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Tenders But Were Afraid To Ask

Local businesses bidding for tenders have to swim through a murky sea of alphabet soup. If only it tasted so good. RFI, RFT, RFP, RFQ — what does it all mean?? Is all th... More
1st Procurement Breakfast

Sharing Knowledge

“Procurement Experts Breakfast” brings together procurement & logistics officers from INGOs to share knowledge, discuss experience in the sector A great deal of our wo... More

Silly Spaceman, Spend Your Money On Earth

“INGOs come from outer space” one community organization manager told me last week. He meant several things by this statement. Among them, he was referring to the failure ... More

Reaching Higher

General procurement training reaches, energizes SMEs in Yangon. Knowledge is power. That’s the old expression. It’s one thing to understand it, but in our training session... More
Intermodal shipping containers

Learning From Shipping Containers

Many years ago, before most us remember, the world was full of ships carrying crates and boxes and bags – some were big, some were small. Some were made of wood and some wer... More
YGLs and young Myanmar entrepreneurs discuss the investment climate in the country.

A Burmese “Spring”

If you live in Yangon these days, then you know what it feels like inside a dynamo. Some have called this an awakening a Burmese spring. That’s almost accurate, but it’s ... More