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Reaching Higher

General procurement training reaches, energizes SMEs in Yangon.

Knowledge is power. That’s the old expression. It’s one thing to understand it, but in our training sessions with local businesses, we get to see how powerful a little bit of knowledge can be. It’s an exciting and beautiful feeling.

Oftentimes, the knowledge missing can be pretty basic. Our most frequently taught session – and probably our most powerful – is a crash course in general procurement. We introduce some theory, we discuss different types of documentation, we provide numerous practical examples, and we open up a world of new business opportunities for many SMEs. Just ask Diana Khin Cho Win, International Business Relations Officer for D.I.S. Trading in Yangon. While she had more prior experience than many who attend our training sessions, she was still able to gain valuable new knowledge and use it to win a contract for her company valued at over $18,000. “After training we used (an) appeal letter. First, we lost (the bid for tender) then we submit appeal letter and we won. We learned about this appeal letter during the training with Building Markets. We are pursuing more tenders because of Building Markets,” Diana Khin Cho Win.

Ms. Khin Cho Win is far from the only one to have benefited from our training sessions. As of this week, we have trained over 200 entrepreneurs, business managers and logistics officers in Yangon. That means there are over 200 individuals in Myanmar’s business eco-system with a greater ability to scale-up their enterprises and compete in an increasingly dynamic market environment. Check out the video below to see what some of them have to say about our training sessions in procurement:

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