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Heineken Logo

Building Markets Connects SMEs to New Heineken Brewery

On July 13th, Heineken opened the doors of its new brewery in Hmawbi Township, Myanmar, just outside of the capital, Yangon. The world’s third largest brewer is committed to... More
SMI-L's 2014 Market Overview Report

Taking Stock of Liberia's Economy

The report uses data collected through a combination of secondary source reviews and surveys to share highlights on the status and outlook of the Liberian marketplace. Primary... More
Micro Matchmaking Impact Assesssment

Introducing Peace Dividend Trust's Nine District Aggregated Impact Assessment Study

Peace Dividend Trust (PDT) is excited to present its latest micro matchmaking impact assessment study. Unlike the last two reports published (on Baucau and Lautem), this is an... More
Jaco Island

Lautem Impact Assessment Study - Raising Cattle, Building Business

Lautem boasts a lot of interesting things: Jaco Island, the epitome of a deserted tropical isle; Com, a picturesque little fledgling resort town by the sea; one of the first b... More
AFF Matching Grant Letter

Arsenault Family Foundation Issues $50,000 Challenge Grant to Support Peace Dividend Trust’s Economic Recovery Work in Timor-Leste

The Peace Dividend Trust (PDT) is pleased to announce that the Arsenault Family Foundation (AFF) has approved a 1:1 matching grant of $50,000 to support PDT’s Peace Dividend... More
Brigida touring a farm on O'ahu.

From One Island to the Next: Brigida Soares is Back

Catching up with Brigida Soares, now that we have her back in the office after her voyage to Hawaii, has been a pleasure. She was fortunate and deserving enough to be one of t... More
PDT's Booth

Dili Marathon Expo - Come meet the PDT team!

In Dili tomorrow? Are you here for city's very first 'Dili - City of Peace - Marathon'? ... Race day is Sunday, but racers and non racers alike are welcome to come check out M... More

A Letter to Timor-Leste's Business Community

Dear Businesses in Timor-Leste, You are invited to participate in a short online survey. The purpose of the survey is to gain feedback for Peace Dividend Trust’s Tender ... More

"Buy Local. Build Timor-Leste" Marketing Campaign Odds and Ends

The team at Peace Dividend Marketplace Timor-Leste (PDM-TL) welcomes a new member into its folds as the Marketing Associate, Mr. Miguel Alves. Mr. Alves joined PDT just befor... More

Featured Business Profile - Garcia Farm

... More

Cattle Exportation: Linking East Timor to West

... More

Featured Business - Sao Jose Carpintaria

... More

A $1,460 Deal for Manatuto Soybean Farmer

... More

Featured Business - Energia Bio-Briquette

... More

Atauro Day - A Chance to Support Local Commerce

... More

Providing the US Military a Chance to Buy Local

... More

An Alternative Type of Agriculture in Timor-Leste

... More

PDT Timor-Leste Releases District Business Guide for Oecusse District

... More

PDT Timor-Leste Releases District Business Guide for Manatuto District

... More
Presenters at the launch event (from right to left): Yuris of IPEME, Esmilda Dombo of Building Markets, Haje Antonio Miruku, and Jaime Bila of JNR

Building Markets Expands its Reach to Nampula – the Northern Economic Hub of Mozambique

... More
The construction idustry was the second largest job creating sector behind agricure in PDM-TL's nine district impact assessent study.

Billion Dollar Budget Equals Building Boom - But Where to Find a Job?

Over the years that PDT has been running its verification services, a number of people and organizations have come to us asking for information on Timor-Leste businesses. Last... More

The Voice of an Exporter – Raflima’s Almerio Moniz

Exports are of growing significance in Timor-Leste. The government, the development community, and businesses across the country all know this. It’s one way Timor-Leste is r... More
Ilidio Interview with TVTL

East and West Timor - Building Business across the Border

Cross border trade between Timor-Leste and neighboring Indonesia has provided an opportunity to build bridges and markets yet, although good intentions exist on both side, rem... More
Executive Summary for the Baucau Impact Assessment Report

Assessing the Impact: Baucau Micro Matchmaking Report Coming Soon

The Peace Dividend Marketplace Timor-Leste (PDM-TL) project has been up and running for the past three years, and we’ve got some great figures to support the value of our wo... More
Tour de Timor 2009

Gearing Up for Tour de Timor

I arrived in Timor-Leste in August of last year, coincidentally just a few weeks before the riders of the first Tour de Timor (TdT) began the grueling trek across the country... More
Uatolari, Irigation.

Viqueque Match Yields Big Money for Local Laborers

In a district like Viqueque, doing business can be quite a challenge. Cell phones are few, internet is for all intents and purposes non-existent, and resources for business de... More
The matchmaking team collecting feedback in Ainaro.

Press Release: PDM-TL's Matchmaking Team is Saying Goodbye to Ainaro and Manufahi

Since its inception, Peace Dividend Trust's business matchmaking service in Timor-Leste has been a vital resource for linking buyers with local suppliers in Timor-Leste. It co... More
Josefina Vicente 1

Entrepreneurial Spirit and Success in Bobonaro District

... More

Announcing New Facebook Fanpage. Peace Dividend Marketplace Timor-Leste

... More

PDT Timor. Over 2,500 businesses, and up to 22 million USD in business.

... More

Two Tender Wins Creates 26 New Jobs for Medina Construction

... More

Success for Rice Farmers in District of Viqueque

... More

Featured Business - Flower Rosas Batik

... More

Tempo Semanal Publishes PDT SMS Story

... More

PDT Tender Distribution Service Passes the $5 Million Mark

Peace Dividend Trust Tender Distribution Service recently broke the $5 million mark.... More

Programs to Build Timor-Leste

... More

Riders, PDT Committed to Building Timor-Leste

... More
Coca Cola Training

Building Markets and Coca-Cola are Teaming Up in Myanmar

Sharing a commitment to build ethical and responsible business practices across Myanmar, Building Markets and the Coca-Cola Company have joined forces to deliver anti-corrupti... More

The Voices of District Matchmakers

The district matchmakers, who are they? These men and women have been the movers and shakers of PDT in the districts, tracking down local suppliers to meet national and intern... More
Recording Mr. Pinto

The Voice of a Covalima Businessman: Marcelino Soares Pinto

We here at Peace Dividend Trust often talk about connecting “buyers to suppliers” through our business matchmaking program. To get a better idea of what some of these “s... More
Baucau Report Homepage

Presenting the Baucau Micro Matchmaking Report

We are excited to announce that the aforementioned Baucau Micro Matchmaking Report is here and ready for you to read. Many thanks to our IT guru, Anna Wilson, in NYC for putti... More
Buy Local - Tour de Timor 3

Signs of Tour de Timor 2010 - Buy Local Build Timor-Leste

As mentioned in a previous post, Peace Dividend Trust and the race organizers had been working on cool new signs to point the way on this year's Tour de Timor. In case you're ... More
Ramos Horta 1

Get Ready to Get Sporty

Many believe that sports and politics are intrinsically intertwined. Whether it’s one country exerting its prowess and glory through an opening ceremony (thank you, CGI Fire... More
National versus International Jobs by Gender

Available Now - Business Community in Timor-Leste Part Two: Employment Landscape

This paper represents part two of a report written by Peace Dividend Trust on the Timor-Leste's private sector. The first paper, written in October 2009, provided a general ov... More
Tempo Semanal 2

PDT in the News and a Chance to Buy Local

Remember this chicken farm? PDM-TL's verification team took a trip out to Railako last month and now local news agencies like Tempo Semanal are following suit. Tempo Semanal f... More

Hitting the Waves - "Buy Local. Build Timor-Leste" Takes a Nautical Turn

... More

Let the Painting Begin!

... More

Viqueque Farmers Secure $1,028 in Exchange for Peanuts

... More

Rural Businesses Advocate "Buy Local, Build Timor-Leste"

... More

Featured Business - Centro Bambu Timor-Leste

... More

Featured Business - Carpintaria Citra Mandiri, Ermera

... More

Buy Local with SMS - English, Tetum and Bahasa Indonesia Translations

... More

Introducing Dili's Newest Form of Transit Service - FlyBus, a Business on the Move.

... More

PDT Welcomes New MTCI Members to Verification Team

... More

PDT Promotes Local Business Development at Expo

... More

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