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How to Claim Your Organization on Building Markets’ Online Platform

Building Markets’ new online platform for Syrian civil society organizations (also known as NGOs) brings visibility to the local groups responding to the humanitarian crisis... More
Jamal Blog Post

Spotlight on Syrian Entrepreneurs: Jamal

Jamal: The Real Estate Investor Jamal and his father were so excited to talk about their business, they insisted on the interview being recorded, to ensure no detail would be ... More

كيفية المطالبة بمنظمتك على منصة الإنترنت الخاصة ببيلدينغ ماركتس

المنصة الجديدة لبيلدينغ ماركتس الخاصة بمنظمات المجتمع المدني السورية (المعروفة أيضًا باسم المن... More
Mazen Blog Post

Spotlight on Syrian Entrepreneurs: Mazen

Mazen: The Perseverer In Syria, Mazen operated a media and advertising business. After arriving in Turkey in 2015, he decided to use his expertise in advertising to start a co... More
Syrian Civil Society Platform

The Startling Syrian Number You Haven’t Seen

There are many devastating numbers on Syria, and you’ve probably seen most of them. 7 years long. 400,000 lives lost. 6 million displaced. 5 million refugees. Here’s an im... More
Obida Blog Post

Spotlight on Syrian Entrepreneurs: Obida

Obida: The Exporter Obida owned a car manufacturing factory in Syria. Although he wasn’t able to bring any of his equipment when he moved to Turkey, he did bring his most pr... More