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Matchmaking-Dili $113,000.00 Transaction Success

Matchmaking-Dili successfully facilitated transaction at value US$ 113,000.00 Servisu Suporta Ligasaun (M2)-Dili facilita ho sucesu tranzasaun ho valor US $ 113,000.00 In Sept... More

Recruiting New Staff for Cova Lima

Conducting computer test for new Micromatchmaking staff in Suai, Cova Lima District. Cova Lima M3 micromatchmaking staff are among the most successful in the country - having ... More

Peace Dividend Trust Breaks Ground with the Use of SMS.

English translation below. Ba Publikasaun Emidiatu: Dili – Timor-Leste Peace Dividend Trust Breaks Ground Liu Husi SMS. Hahu husi fulan Fevreiro 2008 Peace Dividend Trust (P... More

Flyer Beach Craft fair 2009 Tetum and English 20 June 09

View blog blurb to read the details about Beach Craft fair 2009... More

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