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Merpati price plummets

Merry Christmas Merpati, and a Happy New Year Batavia!

Plane ticket prices must be the only price that is dropping in Dili, but they are, indeed they are. Well we have all heard about a new airline coming to the Dili-Bali route... More
New Jobs Directory

Serbisu Iha Timor-Leste / Jobs in Timor-Leste

Remember this site? It was the Peace Dividend Marketplace project's jobs blog. It used to get about 10,000 visits a month, now that is alot in little old Timor-Leste. When ... More
Sra. Josefina Vicente, empresaria suksesu husi distritu Bobonaro, nebe durante ne'e hetan asistensia hosi PDT-ekipa Ligasaun.

Atu Suporta Feto iha Area Negosio, Misaun UN Hala’o Workshop.

Saida mak agensia Grupo Serwisu Hamutuk iha Area Gender UN nian bele halo ho durasaun tempu nebe badak, hodi tulun inan feton sira iha area negosio iha Timor Leste? ... More
Building Boom

Dirty Dili.

I was in Dili a few days ago for one of my frequent trips. Thankfully I will be going back full time again in January - but on this occasion I got terribly dirty and very depr... More

Dadur Nian (Prisoneiru) Sai “Badaen” Ba Nia An No Ema Seluk

Iha loron 21 de July 2008, ami nain tolu ba iha prisaun Bekora hodi buka hatene ou kolekta informasaun kona ba rekisasaun ne’ebe mai husi Hotel Esplanada atu sosa kadeira ro... More
Delegasaun Emprasariu sira husi Malaysia

Malaysia Hakarak Investe Iha Timor-Leste

Delegasaun empresariu Malaysia hamuik 65 ne’ebe chefia husi Chief of Ministry Malaysia hasoru malu ho empresariu nasional Timor-Leste iha salao sorumutu fatin Ministeriu Neg... More

On the road to nowhere? Infrastructure and other issues in Timor-Leste

November is the month of the long weekend in Timor-Leste (I know it’s now December, but work with me on this one...). You can’t go a week without having at least a day off... More
Presidente CCI Bobonaro Sr. Norberto Jose koalia ho Sr. Julius Minure, Companhia Gajah Mada nain.

Empresariu Fronteristas Hasoru Malu.

Iha loron 30 Novembru 2010, Peace Dividend Trust (PDT) serwisu hamutuk ho Camara do Comercio Bobonaro no Governu Distrital Bobonaro hodi hala’o soru mutu ba dahuluk ne’ebe... More
Barack Obama's Twitter feed

Timor-Leste Twitter file: The Presidency just signed up.

Well its a sure sign of the times. The Presidency of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste is on Twitter. No its not a personal twitter of President Ramos-Horta. Its more ... More

Sosa Nain no Fa’an Nain ‘PROJEITU KITAN” Hetan Malu iha Hotel Timor

Iha loron 15 de Setembru 2010, tuku 9 dader to’o tuku 5 lokraik iha Hotel Timor, ENI (kompania mina no gas ne’ebe manan tender iha rai laran) hetan dalan husi Autoridade N... More
Population proliferation.  Worse than nuclear proliferation?

Crappy Drainage: Redux on Dirty Dili

Well I got far more comments in the Dirty Dili posting than I would have imagined. More than a few people made very sensible comments. One anonymous friend suggested I was ... More

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