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Timor-Leste Twitter file: The Presidency just signed up.

Well its a sure sign of the times.  The Presidency of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste is on Twitter.  No its not a personal twitter of President Ramos-Horta.  Its more like the White House Twitter than it is President Obama’s personal twitter feed.

The Presidency of DRTL on Twitter

The Whitehouse Twitter

Barack Obama's Twitter feed

What does this new development speak of?  Timor-Leste is slowly but surely going the social media route. Facebook is already a pretty crazy thing in Dili. But Twitter has yet to catch on – this is in part due to the lack of 3G access for most people to be able to use smartphones in town.  However, a friend was recently on a 3G modem in Oecusse, and post paid TT accounts are on 3G. Also spotted a Telkomsel ad in Dili recently.  Then there is forlorn Digicel? Its coming, it coming….

One journalist/Twitter fan told us in 2009 Why People in Timor-Leste should use twitter.  He is found via @Vanilli

The internet revolution is gaining ground in Timor-Leste.  One has to wonder how it will effect the politics, economy and culture of Timor-Leste.

Here are a sample of the very small group of Timor-Leste based  tweeps, as well as people who tweet on Timor-Leste alot.

@giantpandinha @CJITL @TimorFirst @IanRossUK @timorarchives @fundasaunmahein @malaebulak @timortoday @etan009 @ferikmalae @valverdejose @suaimediaspace @HelenFitzroy @timorfile @reesedward (me) @constanciopinto @JohnAMacDougall @Timorian @TourdeTimor @AustasiaTimor @Nona_barreto @infotimo @TimorJustice @Falintil97 @thediliinsider @LABEHTimor @timor_leste @Sequeiradelfi @xanatimor @thetimornews @jimdella @tata_amaral_s @Timormelbconsul @venilale @joseferntex @malairiri @vivatimorleste @harryds63 @Paixaobano @atero @sekott @Balibo @timorhauniandob @thetimornews @SunsetFair @ar_dj @leighhmitchel @haumakfuturu @leitimor @saritamoreira @malaebulak @boy_clemens @temposemanal @TourdeTimo @abathypereira @kayralla_xanana @Timoresegirl @USEmbassyDili @unmitcpio @easttimorzoo

Here are a couple of good lists to help you get started.

Do not forget some of the better hashtags #Timor #TimorLeste #TLS etc.

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  2. Sara Moreira says:

    However ironic it may seem for the ones who know Oecussi, during my stay in Timor, the time when I managed to concentrate the most on my work for Global Voices Online, was while I was there, very near the end of the world, in a convent in an enclave… following all the revolutions and tsunamis using a 3G modem and a candle!

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