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April Fool’s Day? PDT Future Status in Timor-Leste – Press Release

No this is not an April Fool's Day joke.... More
Apresenta programa ba Aprovisionamentu parseirus dejenvolvimentu

Tinan 3: SDT fasilita sosa iha railaran $10,6 miloens

Servisu tinan 3, Sentru Distribuisaun Tender (SDT) fahe ona informasaun tender iha Timor-Leste ba fornesedor/komersiantes sira iha rai laran liu husi notifikasaun SMS, Email,... More

Local Language – Lian Lokal.

I am going to take a dig at my colleagues in Ottawa, New York, Port-au-Prince, and Kabul here:... More
Screen shot 2011-03-07 at 5.29.34 PM

Corrupt Anthropology, or the Anthropology of Corruption?

Some days ago an old and dear Timorese friend of mine came to the house for a Sunday sundowner. He has been abroad for a couple of years in Europe. He was bemoaning the poli... More
Cattle numbers from the Ministry of Agriculture p.4

Mountains of Cash for the Mountains? Cattle by the numbers.

I am no expert in cattle, but I am learning. The Peace Dividend Marketplace project has done alot of work for cattle owners and dealers in Timor-Leste, and its an important... More
What UNMIT Buys -

Thank you Ameerah

I have for many years been trying to get more substantive engagement from UNMIT on the matter of local procurement. It has been met with a wide range of attitudes ranging fro... More

The Voices of District Matchmakers

The district matchmakers, who are they? These men and women have been the movers and shakers of PDT in the districts, tracking down local suppliers to meet national and intern... More
Presidente CMAF foti copia info tender gratuita iha TDS

“Atu Hetan Parseirus, Hau buka PDT no registu kompanha”

Presidente Cooperativa Mutltisectoral Afloicai Furak (CMAF) Sr. Horacio Antonio Guterres hato’o lia hirak ne’e bainhira halo visita ba iha eskritoriu PDT, Balide tamba hat... More
Domingas Amaral (left) Cova Lima PDT Representative explains cattle deals to Brigida Soares.

Viqueque and Cova Lima. Three years of Job Creation.

Six weeks ago my colleague Brigida Soares wrote about the closure of our Bobonaro and Oecusse operations. News from the east and south is less than good. Today is the final... More
Gasta rendimentu husi halo parseria mikro nian

PDT ho nia Historia iha Journal Lokal.

Journal sai hanesan media informasaun nebe’e mak haklekar iha sosiadade nia le’et. Ema barak hatene katak journal mak media informasaun nebe’e efesiente liu hanesan tele... More
Manleuana 2010 - the yellow circles indicate new buildings

The Changing Face of Timor-Leste: Manleuana.

Well driving around Timor-Leste these days one sees building, building, and more building. On a bimble out to Baucau this past weekend, I saw alot of ordinary people building... More
Fan Demographics.

Jobs, numbers, and fans/critics.

Some time ago we started posting job vacancies again. Got alot of emails, SMS and blog comments thanking us for starting it up. Thanks should go to Maria Freitas who posts ... More

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