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A view of Arvec Mansions from the inside looking towards the road.

A rising Timorese entrepreneur, and new place to stay in Dili.

A few days ago a leading Timorese business woman contacted me asking if I could promote her new property development - sure thing! The place is called Arvec Mansions and you c... More
Web hits on the Timor-Leste Business Portal

The Jobs Directory is discontinued.

A young lady from Liquica, Maria Freitas, completed her work at PDM Timor-Leste yesterday. She was responsible for the Jobs Directory - formerly the Serbisu Iha Timor-Leste bl... More

Independente and Getting Things Done

So we have a new newspaper in town. The "Independente". I was reading it today and noticed an interesting ad - guys who can fix you up with just about anything - documentati... More

Large European NGO Buyer – no not StuffMalaiLike

Last night I was accused by a close friend of blogging close to the wind of "polemical nonsense". He is right and wrong. Polemical perhaps, nonsense, no. Five days ago, as I... More
Fish - Manatuto High Street - For Singapore?

Timorese Fruit, Veg, Fish to (not from!) Singapore, by Air Timor.

A few days ago a representative of Air Timor to came our offices in Balide, Dili. He was interested in enlisting our support in finding local suppliers of fresh fruit vegetab... More

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