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A rising Timorese entrepreneur, and new place to stay in Dili.

A few days ago a leading Timorese business woman contacted me asking if I could promote her new property development – sure thing!

The place is called Arvec Mansions, centrally located in Bairro dos Grilos, and you can get complete business details here.

For me its interesting to watch this enterprising lady diversify her business.  She has gone from a just a construction firm which also does landscaping, to also having a trading outfit as well a business consultancy.

Her name is Carla Tilman, a rising Timorese entrepreneur.

Arvec Mansions - central Dili.

A view of Arvec Mansions from the inside looking towards the road.

Total land area: 1000 M2
11 Rooms, each $650/month

Facilities include: 

  1. Housekeeping
  2. Laundry
  3. Hot water
  4. A/C
  5. Common Kitchen
  6. Back Up Water Tank
  7. Back Up Generator
  8. 24 hr security

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  1. DAVE WILKES says:

    What is the minimum stay required at this venue? I have worked at ETDA for the past 3 years and will shortly be returning to Dili after some illness from Darwin; what Dili suburb is the venue in? Thanks

  2. Edward Rees says:

    Dear Dave

    Many thanks for your note, you can find full contact details for Arvec via I am afraid you will have to ask them about details.



  3. Dear Mr. Rees,
    I was reading your profile of, “Avec Mansions”, and was happy that Timor Leste is on the rebound.
    I am a looking for source agents of, diabetic test strips, in your post it said that, “Carla Tilman” contracts other products. I am writing to seek an honest and reliable agent, who can transact on my behalf. My transaction would be done through, “”, who would then wire funds after goods are recieved in US> To be honest I am new to this, and do not want to or can not afford to get ripped off.
    I buy non expired diabetic test strips in the US from individuals who have extras. Time intensive! I wish to buy in bulk
    on a weekly basis. To be frank, Timor Leste has cheaper prices and hopefully not copies(which is dangerous, immoral and illegal) as some Chinese suppliers have been caught selling.
    SOOOO, to cut my long windedness, if you know of anyone or if Ms Tilman is the real deal,(seems so) please let me know.

    Sincerely and Thank You,
    Trdessa Arrojo 646-773-5353 ( same number for 10 years)

  4. Hello Edward, after visiting your page is, to be honest I am interested. For the city of Dili, clear property business grow rapidly in line with the growth of the middle class is in progress now in the city of Dili. But see how the people of Timor-Leste as a whole, there Agro efforts of local entrepreneurs and foreign entrepreneurs who can help accelerate the economic empowerment of the people such as the cultivation of shrimp or chicken farm or plantation of superior potatoes and so on? Thank you.

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