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CCI-TL: Good Things Grow in Timor-Leste

When it comes to business in Timor-Leste I would ask that you remember just five letters. C,C, I,T and L – they are important. Up at the top of Timor-Leste – in Ainaro, good things grow. But down in Dili there are also good things growing too. In April 2010 the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Timor-Leste (CCI-TL) was inaugurated.  When they come together its a recipe for success.

It was certainly not the start of the Timorese private sector but was most definitely the start of a much needed body to represent, and provide services to, the local business community in Timor-Leste.

Since then the CCI-TL has really taken a running start at things.  There are now district level Chambers of Commerce across the country, and to be honest, they are getting things done.  Recently the CCI-TL posted some of its activities on facebook. It seems the CCI-TL and the CCI-Ainaro have been connecting vegetable suppliers with Dili based buyers such as Leader Supermarket, Lita Store, Hotel Timor and Focus Group Traditional Market.

High high up in the central mountains of Timor-Leste in the district of Ainaro are massive vegetable gardens. Not as productive as they could be for sure, but perhaps this is lack of incentive – ie buyers. But the CCI-TL and the CCI-Ainaro are getting the vegetable suppliers of Hatubuilico connected to buyers.

CCI-TL and CCI-Ainaro with growers in Hatubuilico (credit: CCI-TL)

Now this is a business matchmaking success story. (credit: CCI-TL)

You may well ask where on earth is Hatubuilico?  See the yellow circle.

Hatubuilico - look closely the yellow circle marks the breadbasket.

Like all good young Timorese institutions and people, CCI-TL has a facebook fanpage here,  and a brand new website right here. I would really suggest you make contact with them.

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  1. Karlito Nunes says:

    Neineik maibe bebeik sei to’o iha ne’e ba (Mehi) ida ne’e mos sai indikador ida susesu PDT no MTCI promove produtu local

  2. ifone ang says:

    Espero que CCI com povo promove o economico Nacional nao e para destruir o economico local,porque o economico nacional que forte, e um liverdade nacional. abraco

  3. Baptista says:

    Oinsa ho over product? no oinsa nia solusaun?

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