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Closed and Gone Fishin’?

Well yesterday we announced the closure of the Peace Dividend Marketplace project in Timor-Leste. There are some interested donors, but time was against us, so closure was an... More

Serbisu Ligasaun ! Importante ka lae ?

Ema barak sempre husu, lolos serbisu saida maka ami ninia ekipa halo durante ne’e iha Peace Dividend Trust/PDT? esplikasaun barak klarifika ona liu husi apresentasaun iha se... More
Made in Timor-Leste!

Made in Timor-Leste: manufacturing in Timor-Leste?

Well many people have often bemoaned the fact that Timor-Leste cannot not manufacture anything. Pessimism never got anyone anywhere - and the Timorese and their business partn... More
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Imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Well what can I say? "Imitation is the highest form of flattery." Some years ago we painted many of the Tiga Rodas of Dili with this below logo.... More

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