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Closed and Gone Fishin'?

Well yesterday we announced the closure of the Peace Dividend Marketplace project in Timor-Leste. There are some interested donors, but time was against us, so closure was an... More
Safety standards notwithstanding - we fly every day - except for the ones we don't.

Timor-Leste Air Warz Redux

Well here at PDT we are turning into something of plane spotters. We have blogged a bit on the nascent airline business in Timor-Leste December 2010, and February 2011. The l... More
House for Rent

Komoro Calls You. House for Rent.

So a chap asked me to help him out with renting his house. No problem!... More
Front Entrance

For Rent - Snazzy House with Pool.

Well there cannot be that many houses in Timor-Leste with a pool. Certainly when I first saw the pool in the back of this house in 2008 I was quite surprised. ... More
Fish - Manatuto High Street - For Singapore?

Timorese Fruit, Veg, Fish to (not from!) Singapore, by Air Timor.

A few days ago a representative of Air Timor to came our offices in Balide, Dili. He was interested in enlisting our support in finding local suppliers of fresh fruit vegetab... More

April Fool's Day? PDT Future Status in Timor-Leste - Press Release

No this is not an April Fool's Day joke.... More
What UNMIT Buys - http://www.un.org/Depts/ptd/2010_unmit.htm

Thank you Ameerah

I have for many years been trying to get more substantive engagement from UNMIT on the matter of local procurement. It has been met with a wide range of attitudes ranging fro... More
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Corrupt Anthropology, or the Anthropology of Corruption?

Some days ago an old and dear Timorese friend of mine came to the house for a Sunday sundowner. He has been abroad for a couple of years in Europe. He was bemoaning the poli... More

Marvelous Marble

Years ago I saw the fabled Manatuto Marble deposits found in Ilimano, Laclo District.... More

Social Dili, and eyeglasses for $1,200?

So its an increasingly social world in Dili. Parties abound, consumption is booming, I even see Timorese youth toting laptops by the beach with USB modems cruising the intern... More
Saving for a plane ticket? One egg at a time. Ermera, Timor-Leste.

Batavia, Merpati, Batavia, Merpati?

You should fly Batavia sometimes. Its good for the country.... More
Dili 2006.

Going to the beach.

There is good marketing, and there is bad marketing.... More
Funky new jobs bumper stickers - want one? Contact us timor-leste[at]@pdtglobal.org

Hungry for work? I have something you want.

Well in mid-December 2010 I blogged about our re-launch of the online jobs directory which went from this version to this version.... More
SDV sponsors online presence of over 3,000 businesses in Timor-Leste

SDV Supports Buy Local Build Timor-Leste.

So when was the last time that you heard of a business sponsoring the advertising of other business? Including potential competitors? I would wager not very often.... More
Barack Obama's Twitter feed

Timor-Leste Twitter file: The Presidency just signed up.

Well its a sure sign of the times. The Presidency of the Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste is on Twitter. No its not a personal twitter of President Ramos-Horta. Its more ... More
Building Boom

Dirty Dili.

I was in Dili a few days ago for one of my frequent trips. Thankfully I will be going back full time again in January - but on this occasion I got terribly dirty and very depr... More
What data used to make me do.

The Timor-Leste Business Portal Top 50 (2nd Quarter 2010)

Data, oh data. Numbers used to make my head hurt. I failed Algebra in school, with flying colours. Numbers make my head hurt, largely because they cause me to want to pull ... More
Air Timor Website

Air Timor

Well Air Timor has gone live.... More
PDM-TL Facebook fanpage insights - goes over 2,000 fans.

PDM-TL on Facebook: Tops 2,000 fans.

Well popularity is hardly a full proof way to evaluate a project's value. But its heartening to see that the the PDM-TL Facebook fanpage has just gone over 2,000 fans in the ... More
Far right Brigida Soares, second from right Ilidio Ximenes

2.1 million bucks for rural cattle owners in Timor?

Alot of PDM TL's work focuses on getting the international community to spend their dosh inside Timor-Leste - driving economic development. However, increasingly the buyers a... More

PDT Supports Development of a Timorese Venture into Wood/Stone Carving.

... More

Viqueque Snake Fruit - Salak Midar Teb-Tebes

... More

Timor Business

... More

PDT Timor-Leste and its Growing Web Presence.

... More

Serbisu Iha Timor-Leste Captures over 100,000 Views

Serbisu Iha Timor-Leste, or Jobs in Timor-Leste, has recently passed the 100,000 page view milestone since its creation in December of 2008. This blog, founded and operated by... More

Tour de Timor Open Letter

... More

One of Timor-Leste National Racing Jersey's for Tour de Timor

... More

PDT Timor-Leste on BBC Radio in 2008

... More

Flyer Beach Craft fair 2009 Tetum and English 20 June 09

View blog blurb to read the details about Beach Craft fair 2009... More

PDT Timor-Leste Releases District Business Guide for Liquica District

... More

PDT Releases New District Business Guides for Bobonaro

... More

Amid a Surge in Traffic, PDT Job Site has 36,000 Hits and Climbing

... More

Drink Local. Build Timor-Leste.

View blog for Local Drinks.... More

PDT Timor-Leste Releases District Business Guide for Ainaro

... More

Timor-Leste Celebrates Carnival Again

... More

Victoria Bill Buy Local

... More

PDT commences a multi-year handover plan to the Ministry of Tourism Commerce and Industry.

... More

Doing the Business in East Timor - UNTAET era economic development......

... More

Resultado Iha distrito Hamutuk - $950 000.

... More

Featured Business Profile 4: Companhia Donogi

... More

Lansamentu Guia atu Halo Negosiu ho PNUD / Announcing Guide to Doing Business with UNDP

... More

All-Time High Coffee Export From CCT

... More

Tenders in Timor from Peace Dividend Trust.

... More

Manufahi Online - www.buildingmarkets.org

... More

Micromatchmaking in Bobonaro and Covalima Districts

... More

Ainaro Online - www.buildingmarkets.org

... More

Ermera Online - www.buildingmarkets.org

... More

Austasia Delayed: but still good for business.

... More

Oecusse Online - www.buildingmarkets.org

... More

Liquica Online - www.buildingmarkets.org

... More

Procurement opportunities for vendors from developing countries?

... More

Upcoming Expos

Registration call for Trade Expos.... More

Feature 2: The Masterlink Motors Motortruck

... More

In the Districts - $300 000 of results.

... More

Feature 1: Are you in the market for Rattan Furniture?

... More

UNDP Tenders.

UN Agencies, Programmes and Funds are among some of the heaviest users Peace Dividend Trust's services. To date approximately 25% of all tenders distributed to the domestic pr... More

From Kabul to Dili

... More

The South Coast of Timor-Leste - the Bread Basket

In addition to the team in Dili you now have people in Suai and Ainaro that can help you on the ground to Buy Local on the South Coast!... More

Talking to Government and asking the International Community to Buy Local

... More

PDT - First Annual Plan of Action

... More
Made in Timor-Leste!

Made in Timor-Leste: manufacturing in Timor-Leste?

Well many people have often bemoaned the fact that Timor-Leste cannot not manufacture anything. Pessimism never got anyone anywhere - and the Timorese and their business partn... More
Now this is a business matchmaking success story.

CCI-TL: Good Things Grow in Timor-Leste

When it comes to business in Timor-Leste I would ask that you remember just five letters. C,C, I, T and L - they are important. Up at the top of Timor-Leste - in Ainaro, good ... More
The Nakroma landing in Oecusse

Sometimes we make mistakes.

In December 2008 we verified the Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) as they offer flight services around Timor-Leste with a variable set of prices depending on the nature of th... More
A view of Arvec Mansions from the inside looking towards the road.

A rising Timorese entrepreneur, and new place to stay in Dili.

A few days ago a leading Timorese business woman contacted me asking if I could promote her new property development - sure thing! The place is called Arvec Mansions and you c... More
Web hits on the Timor-Leste Business Portal

The Jobs Directory is discontinued.

A young lady from Liquica, Maria Freitas, completed her work at PDM Timor-Leste yesterday. She was responsible for the Jobs Directory - formerly the Serbisu Iha Timor-Leste bl... More
Cattle numbers from the Ministry of Agriculture p.4

Mountains of Cash for the Mountains? Cattle by the numbers.

I am no expert in cattle, but I am learning. The Peace Dividend Marketplace project has done alot of work for cattle owners and dealers in Timor-Leste, and its an important... More

Local Language - Lian Lokal.

I am going to take a dig at my colleagues in Ottawa, New York, Port-au-Prince, and Kabul here:... More
Fan Demographics.

Jobs, numbers, and fans/critics.

Some time ago we started posting job vacancies again. Got alot of emails, SMS and blog comments thanking us for starting it up. Thanks should go to Maria Freitas who posts ... More
Want a job?

Jobs for the Boys (and Girls) - A new enterprise.

There is alot of talk about "jobs for the boys" in Timor-Leste these days... More
Timor-Leste Mak Uluk (Timor-Leste First)

Timor-Leste First (Timor-Leste Mak Uluk)

Meetings are painful at the best of times, but there was one in Dili last year that was a bit different that the rest. In April 2010 the G7+ countries* met in Dili, Timor-Lest... More
Evidence - 1,021 SMS tender alerts with the click of a mouse.

Blast business information!

Well we fired up something pretty cool over the past months. Blast/bulk SMS/EMAIL Tender Alerts in a manner far far more powerful than ever before.... More
Learn it, will be the best thing you ever do in Timor-Leste.

Bele lee lian Tetun? Imi tenke koko to'ok...

Can you read Tetun? You must try… The world is full of bloggers and most of us are pretty boring. But there are very few Timorese bloggers, especially on things other th... More
Tak Kong Electronic Products

Manatuto dreaming.

... More

Manatuto salt: bitter but sweet.

Ever bite into a chunk of salt? Bitter as hell yes? However, when I was browsing the Ministry of Tourism, Commerce and Industry (MTCI) facebook page this morning I saw salt ... More
New Jobs Directory

Serbisu Iha Timor-Leste / Jobs in Timor-Leste

Remember this site? It was the Peace Dividend Marketplace project's jobs blog. It used to get about 10,000 visits a month, now that is alot in little old Timor-Leste. When ... More
Eduardo da Costa, Timor-Leste's King of SMS tender alerts.

The Timor-Leste Business Portal Top 50 (Third Quarter 2010)

Well its a tale of oil and gas, bulk SMS, private security and a little construction firm in Ainaro.... More
Screenshot of CPA business card on BuildingMarkets.org

Peace Dividend Marketplace Timor-Leste: What the heck is it?

Well if you ever wondered what the heck this Peace Dividend Marketplace Timor-Leste project is all about...... More
Comparative Statistics May - August 2010 versus the previous 4 months.

Numbers do not Lie: BuildingMarkets.org is taking off.

Well its been sometime since I was trying to get some of my colleagues to take web statistics seriously. However, it ended up being easy once I showed them the “numbers” a... More
Domingas Amaral (left) discusses the business deals he's facilitating in Cova Lima with Brigida Soares - Matchmaking Associate (Dili).

Matchmaking: On the Hoof Again. Bucks for Rural Business.

Over the past couple of months Peace Dividend Trust's (PDT) matchmaking team in Cova Lima District (Antonio "Fahik" Alves, Angelita Guterres and District Representative Doming... More
Screenshot of Groupo Jakarta 2 Profile on BuildingMarkets.org

Bad story turned good: Jakarta Dua

In the old days the name "Jakarta Dua" had very bad connotations in Timor-Leste. Sometimes during the Indonesian occupation of Timor-Leste clandestine pro-independence acti... More

Timor Business Overview Word Cloud

Blog linked to full Timor Business Overview report... More

Musing on New Funding

PDT's Edward Rees is tired after a 1 week long, but very necessary, and valuable, AusAID Evaluation.... More

UNMIT Procurement Plans: $54 million USD in 2009 and 2010

... More

Atauro's Manu-Koko Makes the Cover of the Jakarta Globe!

... More

Where did the Billions Go?

... More

President Horta Supports "Buy Local. Build Timor-Leste"

View blog blurb to read President Ramos Horta's endorsement letter to Peace Dividend Trust... More

Horta Says Buy Local

... More

Matchmaking-Dili $113,000.00 Transaction Success

... More

Recruiting New Staff for Cova Lima

Conducting computer test for new Micromatchmaking staff in Suai, Cova Lima District. Cova Lima M3 micromatchmaking staff are among the most successful in the country - having ... More

PDT Timor-Leste Releases District Business Guide for Ermera

... More

A $17,400 MicroMatching Success in Viqueque

... More

Announcing over 2000 Businesses Online.

... More

Takakazu Ito, Special Assistant to UNMIT SRSG Atul Khare. Rides Past Buy Local Sign

Photo of Takakazu Ito, Special Assistant to UNMIT SRSG Atul Khare... More

First Buy Local Baucau Map is Available

... More

PDT Timor-Leste District Business Guide for Aileu

... More

Fly Local, Build Timor-Leste

... More


... More

Kor Timor

... More

The First National Business Verification is Complete.

... More

Bobonaro Online – www.buildingmarkets.org

... More

Announcing District Business Guides: Manufahi District

... More

Kor Timor Supports Buy Local. Build Timor-Leste.

... More


... More

MTCI has $7, 000, 000 to sponsor local production

Peace Dividend Trust Timor-Leste works closely with the Department of Domestic Commerce in the Ministry of Tourism, Commerce and Industry (MTCI). Recently, Epifanio Faculto an... More

Covalima Online - www.buildingmarkets.org

... More

Buy Local. Build Timor-Leste. Nakroma Ferry.

Pictures of The Nakroma Ferry with Buy Local. Build Timor-Leste logo.... More

Revitalized Tais Market

... More

Looking for the PDT Office? Red X Marks the Spot.

... More

Who is interested in buying a good or service inside Timor-Leste?

... More

PDT offers free services to institutions and individuals to help Buy Local and Build Timor-Leste.

... More

Feature 3: Mobile Veteranary Clinic

... More