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Promotion of product of Prima Truss Lda

Businesswomen appreciate text message on tender in Timor-Leste

Businesswomen of Timor-Leste appreciate text message notification on tender from PDT. Carla Tilman, director of Arvec Construction company stated this through a conversation ... More
Front Entrance

For Rent – Snazzy House with Pool.

Well there cannot be that many houses in Timor-Leste with a pool. Certainly when I first saw the pool in the back of this house in 2008 I was quite surprised. ... More
Fish - Manatuto High Street - For Singapore?

Timorese Fruit, Veg, Fish to (not from!) Singapore, by Air Timor.

A few days ago a representative of Air Timor to came our offices in Balide, Dili. He was interested in enlisting our support in finding local suppliers of fresh fruit vegetab... More

April Fool’s Day? PDT Future Status in Timor-Leste – Press Release

No this is not an April Fool's Day joke.... More
The construction idustry was the second largest job creating sector behind agricure in PDM-TL's nine district impact assessent study.

Billion Dollar Budget Equals Building Boom – But Where to Find a Job?

Over the years that PDT has been running its verification services, a number of people and organizations have come to us asking for information on Timor-Leste businesses. Last... More
A view of Arvec Mansions from the inside looking towards the road.

A rising Timorese entrepreneur, and new place to stay in Dili.

A few days ago a leading Timorese business woman contacted me asking if I could promote her new property development - sure thing! The place is called Arvec Mansions and you c... More
Web hits on the Timor-Leste Business Portal

The Jobs Directory is discontinued.

A young lady from Liquica, Maria Freitas, completed her work at PDM Timor-Leste yesterday. She was responsible for the Jobs Directory - formerly the Serbisu Iha Timor-Leste bl... More
Cattle numbers from the Ministry of Agriculture p.4

Mountains of Cash for the Mountains? Cattle by the numbers.

I am no expert in cattle, but I am learning. The Peace Dividend Marketplace project has done alot of work for cattle owners and dealers in Timor-Leste, and its an important... More

What Happened After the Meeting in Batugade

This article is an English translation from the original article; Saida Mak Akontese Depois de Enkontru Iha Batugade on March 09, 2011. In late November 2010 Peace Dividend Tr... More

Independente and Getting Things Done

So we have a new newspaper in town. The "Independente". I was reading it today and noticed an interesting ad - guys who can fix you up with just about anything - documentati... More

Large European NGO Buyer – no not StuffMalaiLike

Last night I was accused by a close friend of blogging close to the wind of "polemical nonsense". He is right and wrong. Polemical perhaps, nonsense, no. Five days ago, as I... More
Domingas Amaral (left) Cova Lima PDT Representative explains cattle deals to Brigida Soares.

Viqueque and Cova Lima. Three years of Job Creation.

Six weeks ago my colleague Brigida Soares wrote about the closure of our Bobonaro and Oecusse operations. News from the east and south is less than good. Today is the final... More

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