Building Timor-Leste

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Apresenta programa ba Aprovisionamentu parseirus dejenvolvimentu

Tinan 3: SDT fasilita sosa iha railaran $10,6 miloens

Servisu tinan 3, Sentru Distribuisaun Tender (SDT) fahe ona informasaun tender iha Timor-Leste ba fornesedor/komersiantes sira iha rai laran liu husi notifikasaun SMS, Email,... More

Local Language – Lian Lokal.

I am going to take a dig at my colleagues in Ottawa, New York, Port-au-Prince, and Kabul here:... More
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Corrupt Anthropology, or the Anthropology of Corruption?

Some days ago an old and dear Timorese friend of mine came to the house for a Sunday sundowner. He has been abroad for a couple of years in Europe. He was bemoaning the poli... More