Building Timor-Leste

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New Jobs Directory

Serbisu Iha Timor-Leste / Jobs in Timor-Leste

Remember this site? It was the Peace Dividend Marketplace project's jobs blog. It used to get about 10,000 visits a month, now that is alot in little old Timor-Leste. When ... More
Sampel rai nebe mak foti hodi halao testu.

Beaco, ponte-kais dahuluk nebe’e iha prosesu nia laran ba Supply base.

Ponti kais ba supply base dahuluk hari iha Timor Leste? Timor Leste mak nasaun ida nebe’e hare husi geografika hanesan ilha ki’ik iha parte leste. Ho rai nebe’e mak... More
Plaza 2


Termu dezenvolvemento tuir istoria nudar termu “comum” ne’ebe sosiedade sira assosia ho progressu. Dezenvolvemento iha konotasaun positive tamba relasiona ho esforsu ka ... More
Safety standards notwithstanding - we fly every day - except for the ones we don't.

Timor-Leste Air Warz Redux

Well here at PDT we are turning into something of plane spotters. We have blogged a bit on the nascent airline business in Timor-Leste December 2010, and February 2011. The l... More
Esemplu sasan nebe utiliza iha cermonia kulturais

Kultura Hamate Kapital?

Kultura iha relasaun metin ho sosidade. Kultura hanesan aktividade nebe’e halao iha komunidade nia let husi jerasaun ba jerasaun. Timor Leste iha kultura hanesan: uma lulik... More
Saving for a plane ticket? One egg at a time. Ermera, Timor-Leste.

Batavia, Merpati, Batavia, Merpati?

You should fly Batavia sometimes. Its good for the country.... More
Joven Timoa oan ne'ebe istuda teknik iha Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Investementu kapital humanu ba infrastrutura

Ekonomia nasaun nian sai forte bainhira iha kapital humanu no infrastrutura ne’ebe sufisiente. Kapital humanu katak; ema ne’ebe iha edukaaun, esperensia, kuinesementu no ... More
Timor-Leste Mak Uluk (Timor-Leste First)

Timor-Leste First (Timor-Leste Mak Uluk)

Meetings are painful at the best of times, but there was one in Dili last year that was a bit different that the rest. In April 2010 the G7+ countries* met in Dili, Timor-Lest... More
Building Boom

Dirty Dili.

I was in Dili a few days ago for one of my frequent trips. Thankfully I will be going back full time again in January - but on this occasion I got terribly dirty and very depr... More
Atu habelar no haforsa industria iha rai laran persija rekursu humanu ne'e be sufisiente

“Akuntabilidade Laos Deit Atu Fa’an kios”

“Ema la iskola ba akuntabilidade mos bele fa’an kios!”. Lia fuan ida ne’e mak hau rona husi vizinho no kolega sira iha tinan 1997 bainhira hau ramata hau nia iskolah i... More
Ilidio Interview with TVTL

East and West Timor – Building Business across the Border

Cross border trade between Timor-Leste and neighboring Indonesia has provided an opportunity to build bridges and markets yet, although good intentions exist on both side, rem... More
Far right Brigida Soares, second from right Ilidio Ximenes

2.1 million bucks for rural cattle owners in Timor?

Alot of PDM TL's work focuses on getting the international community to spend their dosh inside Timor-Leste - driving economic development. However, increasingly the buyers a... More

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