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The construction idustry was the second largest job creating sector behind agricure in PDM-TL's nine district impact assessent study.

Billion Dollar Budget Equals Building Boom – But Where to Find a Job?

Over the years that PDT has been running its verification services, a number of people and organizations have come to us asking for information on Timor-Leste businesses. Last... More
Learn it, will be the best thing you ever do in Timor-Leste.

Bele lee lian Tetun? Imi tenke koko to’ok…

Can you read Tetun? You must try… The world is full of bloggers and most of us are pretty boring. But there are very few Timorese bloggers, especially on things other th... More
Ainaro businessman, Mr Mario Nunes Ximenes Carvalho.

From Chancery Lane to Ainaro – The Need for Information Is Still The Same.

It’s a long commute from my old office in Chancery Lane, London in the UK, to the town of Ainaro, Timor-Leste, especially when you throw in a quick stop over at my parents... More

Featured Business – Centro Bambu Timor-Leste

Centro Bambu Timor-Leste (CBTL) was founded in 2009 as a group owned carpentry outfit with the innovative approach of using bamboo as the basic working material. With both fin... More

Self-promotion, self-adulation or just telling a story?

In 2010 we closed down quite a view of our business matchmaking activities in the districts and as a means of capturing the history of these activities we hired a local firm, ... More
Tak Kong Electronic Products

Manatuto dreaming.

Just a couple of days ago I was talking of Timor-Leste being a land of possibilities.  Well its also a land of “land disputes”. In January 2010 CJITL reported on ... More

Good Year now in Timor-Leste

Goodyear is the biggest supplier of tires worldwide and has obtained a reputation as a provider of excellent quality products. Goodyear commenced operations in America in 1898... More

Featured Business – Carpintaria Citra Mandiri, Ermera

On 19 November 2009 PDT’s Business Verification Team discovered a new business named Carpintaria Citra Mandiri (Profile found here) in Ermera district.  Recently es... More

Social Dili, and eyeglasses for $1,200?

So its an increasingly social world in Dili. Parties abound, consumption is booming, I even see Timorese youth toting laptops by the beach with USB modems cruising the intern... More
Check out our new and improved Business Portal.

Time to start using PDT’s new and improved business portal!

When I was offered the placement at Peace Dividend Trust (PDT) at the start of this year through the Australian Youth Ambassador for Development (AYAD) program, I was sent do... More

Featured Business Profile – Garcia Farm

Chicken coops at Garcia Farm in Railaco, Ermera. At the end of a bumpy and heavily eroding road, across hills, fields and streams, sits the expansive chicken farm Garcia Farm.... More

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