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Brinkus furak produsaun "Jeitu"

“Jeitu”produsaun foun lembransa/souvenir Timor-Leste.

Hakarak sosa lembransa/souvenir furak husi Timor-Leste hanesan prezente ba familia sira, agora dadaun produsaun ba lemransa sira ne’e fasil atu hetan iha Dili laran. “Jeit... More

Self-promotion, self-adulation or just telling a story?

In 2010 we closed down quite a view of our business matchmaking activities in the districts and as a means of capturing the history of these activities we hired a local firm, ... More

Social Dili, and eyeglasses for $1,200?

So its an increasingly social world in Dili. Parties abound, consumption is booming, I even see Timorese youth toting laptops by the beach with USB modems cruising the intern... More

Good Year now in Timor-Leste

Goodyear is the biggest supplier of tires worldwide and has obtained a reputation as a provider of excellent quality products. Goodyear commenced operations in America in 1898... More
A view of Arvec Mansions from the inside looking towards the road.

A rising Timorese entrepreneur, and new place to stay in Dili.

A few days ago a leading Timorese business woman contacted me asking if I could promote her new property development - sure thing! The place is called Arvec Mansions and you c... More


Iha fatin ne’e Shr. Prezidente no Direitor PDT hasoru malu Warung Rizky hanesan warung simples liu iha area Aitarak Laran maibe kunhesidu tebe-tebes husi lideransa Timor... More
Screenshot of CPA business card on BuildingMarkets.org

Peace Dividend Marketplace Timor-Leste: What the heck is it?

Well if you ever wondered what the heck this Peace Dividend Marketplace Timor-Leste project is all about...... More

Featured Business Profile – Garcia Farm

Chicken coops at Garcia Farm in Railaco, Ermera. At the end of a bumpy and heavily eroding road, across hills, fields and streams, sits the expansive chicken farm Garcia Farm.... More
Kampaun Venture Hotel Bidau Lecidere, Dili


Shella.A.Corte-Real de Caldas mai hosi familia Ainaro no Manatuto nia emar ba dahuluk nia hahu nia kompanha kh negosio ho naran Hazel Brothers hahu iha tinan 2000 depois Dir... More

Kualidade Produtu, Kustu no Atendementu

Hau, Simao de Jesus Belo nebe halao kna’ar iha PDT hanesan Asistenti Verifikasaun. Hau nia servisu loro-loron mak registu negisiu foun nebe interesante no halo manutensa... More
Opening plaque

Insuring the growth of Timor-Leste’s Economy

My Senior Advisor at Peace Dividend Trust, Edward Rees, was blogging yesterday about the signs of growth in the Timorese economy. So, in between reconciling the number of busi... More

Featured Business – Sao Jose Carpintaria

  Owner Mr. Gagu with his personally crafted product, model Timorese traditional houses. Located in the small town of Hatolia in the District of Ermera, Mr. Julito Gagu&#... More

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