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What Happened After the Meeting in Batugade

This article is an English translation from the original article; Saida Mak Akontese Depois de Enkontru Iha Batugade on March 09, 2011. In late November 2010 Peace Dividend Tr... More
Cattle numbers from the Ministry of Agriculture p.4

Mountains of Cash for the Mountains? Cattle by the numbers.

I am no expert in cattle, but I am learning. The Peace Dividend Marketplace project has done alot of work for cattle owners and dealers in Timor-Leste, and its an important... More
Mr. Mateus Guterres, wearing white shirt, when attending the meeting in Batugade.

Saida Mak Akontese Depois de Enkontru Iha Batugade

Iha loron ikus fulan Novembro 2010, Peace Dividend Trust (PDT), realisa ona enkontru entre sosa nain husi Atambua, Indonesia no fa’an nain Timor-Leste husi distritu Bobonar... More
Check out our new and improved Business Portal.

Time to start using PDT’s new and improved business portal!

When I was offered the placement at Peace Dividend Trust (PDT) at the start of this year through the Australian Youth Ambassador for Development (AYAD) program, I was sent do... More

Large European NGO Buyer – no not StuffMalaiLike

Last night I was accused by a close friend of blogging close to the wind of "polemical nonsense". He is right and wrong. Polemical perhaps, nonsense, no. Five days ago, as I... More
Domingas Amaral (left) Cova Lima PDT Representative explains cattle deals to Brigida Soares.

Viqueque and Cova Lima. Three years of Job Creation.

Six weeks ago my colleague Brigida Soares wrote about the closure of our Bobonaro and Oecusse operations. News from the east and south is less than good. Today is the final... More
Recording Mr. Pinto

The Voice of a Covalima Businessman: Marcelino Soares Pinto

We here at Peace Dividend Trust often talk about connecting “buyers to suppliers” through our business matchmaking program. To get a better idea of what some of these “s... More
Domingas Amaral (left) discusses the business deals he's facilitating in Cova Lima with Brigida Soares - Matchmaking Associate (Dili).

Matchmaking: On the Hoof Again. Bucks for Rural Business.

Over the past couple of months Peace Dividend Trust's (PDT) matchmaking team in Cova Lima District (Antonio "Fahik" Alves, Angelita Guterres and District Representative Doming... More

April Fool’s Day? PDT Future Status in Timor-Leste – Press Release

No this is not an April Fool's Day joke.... More
Gasta rendimentu husi halo parseria mikro nian

PDT ho nia Historia iha Journal Lokal.

Journal sai hanesan media informasaun nebe’e mak haklekar iha sosiadade nia le’et. Ema barak hatene katak journal mak media informasaun nebe’e efesiente liu hanesan tele... More
Learn it, will be the best thing you ever do in Timor-Leste.

Bele lee lian Tetun? Imi tenke koko to’ok…

Can you read Tetun? You must try… The world is full of bloggers and most of us are pretty boring. But there are very few Timorese bloggers, especially on things other th... More
Uatolari, Irigation.

Viqueque Match Yields Big Money for Local Laborers

In a district like Viqueque, doing business can be quite a challenge. Cell phones are few, internet is for all intents and purposes non-existent, and resources for business de... More

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