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April Fool’s Day? PDT Future Status in Timor-Leste – Press Release

No this is not an April Fool's Day joke.... More

The Voice of an Exporter – Raflima’s Almerio Moniz

Exports are of growing significance in Timor-Leste. The government, the development community, and businesses across the country all know this. It’s one way Timor-Leste is r... More
Baucau Report Homepage

Presenting the Baucau Micro Matchmaking Report

We are excited to announce that the aforementioned Baucau Micro Matchmaking Report is here and ready for you to read. Many thanks to our IT guru, Anna Wilson, in NYC for putti... More

$18,750 of Viqueque Soybeans

In September 2009  PDT’s Micromatchmaking (M3) Team in Viqueque District in eastern Timor-Leste were influential in assisting a local farmer make a large business trans... More
Domingas Amaral (left) Cova Lima PDT Representative explains cattle deals to Brigida Soares.

Viqueque and Cova Lima. Three years of Job Creation.

Six weeks ago my colleague Brigida Soares wrote about the closure of our Bobonaro and Oecusse operations. News from the east and south is less than good. Today is the final... More
Ekipa Ligasaun fahe informasaun negosiantes sira distritu nian ba kontraktor nebe hala'o projektu iha distritu Bobonaro

Adeus Oecusse, Adeus Bobonaro!

Serbisu Ligasaun/Matchmaking service, mak programa serbisu ida husi PDM-TL ho objektivu atu ajuda sosa nain sira fasil hasoru fornesedor sira iha areas rurais, sosa nain sira ... More
Domingas Amaral (left) discusses the business deals he's facilitating in Cova Lima with Brigida Soares - Matchmaking Associate (Dili).

Matchmaking: On the Hoof Again. Bucks for Rural Business.

Over the past couple of months Peace Dividend Trust's (PDT) matchmaking team in Cova Lima District (Antonio "Fahik" Alves, Angelita Guterres and District Representative Doming... More

Viqueque Snake Fruit – Salak Midar Teb-Tebes

Interested in buying some Snake Fruit fruit? This fruit, often known by its Indonesian name Salak, comes in both sour and sweet varieties. The Business Verification and Micro ... More
Micro Matchmaking Impact Assesssment

Introducing Peace Dividend Trust’s Nine District Aggregated Impact Assessment Study

Peace Dividend Trust (PDT) is excited to present its latest micro matchmaking impact assessment study. Unlike the last two reports published (on Baucau and Lautem), this is an... More
Learn it, will be the best thing you ever do in Timor-Leste.

Bele lee lian Tetun? Imi tenke koko to’ok…

Can you read Tetun? You must try… The world is full of bloggers and most of us are pretty boring. But there are very few Timorese bloggers, especially on things other th... More
The matchmaking team collecting feedback in Ainaro.

Press Release: PDM-TL’s Matchmaking Team is Saying Goodbye to Ainaro and Manufahi

Since its inception, Peace Dividend Trust's business matchmaking service in Timor-Leste has been a vital resource for linking buyers with local suppliers in Timor-Leste. It co... More

Timorese Cattle – a domestic product for an international market.

Peace Dividend Trust’s (PDT) Micro Matchmaking (M3) rural business development and facilitation team has been working on facilitating the sale of Timorese cattle to Indo... More

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