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Start building your future success today by joining Building Markets’ network of businesses that have won more than $1.36 billion in new contracts.

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Building Markets provides resources and expertise that will help your business overcome market barriers, boost capacity, and transact with new customers and capital.

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$21 million in capital secured

$1.4 billion in business opportunties won

73,500 new jobs created

Building Markets has worked with over 26,600 small businesses across 8 countries and 30 sectors. Through our model and approach, businesses in our network have benefited from increased visibility, customized training, and access to new customers and capital.

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Increase Your Visibility in the Marketplace

Join our extensive and trusted business network by creating a unique and searchable profile on our directory. Your business will receive high quality marketing collateral and have an online presence that attracts new customers.

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Find New Business Opportunities

You can search our up-to-date tender directory for new opportunities in your industry. Businesses can benefit from our services by registering to receive mobile notifications, request tender advisory services, join peer companies in our WhatsApp or Facebook groups, and participate our webinars with procurement experts.

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Discover & Expand your Export Potential

Our specialists identify export opportunities that match your business capabilities and support your expansion into new markets by linking you with buyers from around the world.

Boost Business Performance

Enroll in our convenient training courses designed for busy professionals. Depending on your interests, we offer individual mentorship, technical advisory services, and classroom style training for entrepreneurs and employees. Businesses can also enroll in digital courses offered on our self-paced online learning platform. Beginner and advanced training covers key topics including, sales and marketing, environmental and social governance (ESG), labor compliance, business planning, and financial management.


Accomplish your Digital Transformation

Bring your business to the next level by selecting and using the best digital tools and services. We’re here to help you understand how to benefit from e-commerce and online platforms through training and advisory services. Your business transition will ¬ expand your customer reach, increase productivity, and enhance sustainability.

Access Finance

We’ll do our best to help you establish your business’ investment-readiness status and navigate the complex processes to access capital. Our team can help you to identify opportunities, meet eligibility requirements, build your business plan, and complete applications for financing.

Human stories. Real success.

  • Growth & Resilience

    Building Markets helped this business gain the practical and technical experience required to win big contracts.

    Growth & Resilience

    SEGAL increased self-sufficiency and savings in the bidding process while expanding its offering and ability to deliver.

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  • Digital Transformation

    Building Markets' training sessions helped this business leverage technology to achieve their most ambitious business goals.

    Digital Transformation

    Adopting digital infrastructure increased Khin Moe Pharmacy's operational speed and accuracy, as well as their capacity to pursue a broader range of opportunities.

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  • Market Expansion

    Building Markets connected this business to its first international buyer.

    Market Expansion

    Natural Care Pro responded to the pandemic's flat market by repositioning itself not just as a trusted local brand, but as a successful regional exporter.

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Through Building Markets services, we've developed new connections with Jordanian and refugee- and migrant-owned businesses, enhanced our visibility, signed new agreements, and increased our revenue.

Ahmad – Jordan
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