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Businesswomen appreciate text message on tender in Timor-Leste

by Eduardo Da Costa
May 15, 2011

This article is an English translation from the original article; Emprejariu Feto apresia sms kona ba tender iha Timor-Leste. February 16, 2011

Tender distribution service online system

Businesswomen of Timor-Leste appreciate text message notification on tender from PDT.  Carla Tilman, director of Arvec Construction company stated this through a conversation with PDT staff when visiting her office in Farol, Dili. She went on saying that TDS’s work is excellent as it really helps businesswomen to get information so that they can participate in competition process for all forms of tender informed through tender distribution center. According to Carla, with this voluntary assistance, now she always gets tender notification through SMS and email conveyed by tender distribution center. Therefore, she doesn’t need to walk to many places for obtaining tender information from the in-country international communities. The director is also thankful for the PDT SMS because she gets complete information she needs to participate in the tender competition offered by UN agency a couple of years ago with a total amount of $14,558.99 for a small rehabilitation project.

Maria Carla Tilman – Director of Arvec Company.

Currently, the director of Arvec Trading & Construction Company has established a businesswomen association for construction with 12 members of the company to perform construction activities and import of construction materials to Timor-Leste and the name of the company is Business construction association of Timor-Leste (Tetu n Accronym AEC-TL) in Dili. With her 12 businesswomen colleagues, they have also established Prima Truss Lda which provides construction materials and others through the launching event held in Delta Nova a couple of years ago.

Promotion of product of Prima Truss Lda

In order to better perform activity of  the company, she also recruited 5 field technical officers, 5 administrative and financial officers and an engineer for Arvec company. But for AEC-TL, they already have a number of engineers such as 4 architectures, 6 civil engineers, and some electrical engineer to assist this association. We hope that Carla and her colleagues in Timor-Leste can step on their footsteps so that they can achieve a huge success through their participation in the economic development of Timor-Leste.

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