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Closed and Gone Fishin’?

by Building Markets
August 5, 2011

Well yesterday we announced the immediate closure of the Peace Dividend Marketplace project in Timor-Leste.  There are some interested donors, but time was against us, so closure was announced via @twitter here in English and here in Tetun.

So we are…

and so I am….

But my thanks to Maria, Bety, Adelaide, Pedro, Paulino, Agi, Lina, Mariazinha, Ilidio, Jose, Eduardo, Maria Teresa, Baptista, Simao, Gualdina, Lily, Adalgiza, Gilberto, Vasco, Manuel, Octavio, Domingos A, Dominguss P, Domingos S, Helio, Antoninho, Ricardo, Edmundo, Elstry, Apoli, Domingas, Angelica, Sylvania, Zenilda, Nilda, Ana Paula, Celio, Gaspar, Helven, and Benigno. These people and more were the ones that made it all happen.

If you want to read about what happened (ie what the project got done) read it here.

Then again perhaps we might be able to say….

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