Database Launch 29 May 2008 - Building Markets

Database Launch 29 May 2008

by Building Markets
May 30, 2008

On 29 May 2008 Gil Alves, the Minister for Tourism, Commerce and Industry, along with Robin Scott Charlton of AusAID formally launched the Timor-Leste Online Procurement Database developed by the Peace Dividend Trust as part of its Marketplace Project. Joining the launch were over 150 guests, including Alfredo Pires the Secretary of State for Natural Resources, Fransisco Borlako Soares Chief Government Procurement and representative from private sector, the diplomatic corps, UN agencies, International and National NGOs, and the

International Stabilization Force (ISF) to name a few.
In its first week, via has had 907 visits with 50% coming from within Timor-Leste, 16% from Australia, 7% Canada, 6.5% Indonesia and 4.5% from Portugal.

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