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Digital Efficiencies Boost Respected Pharmacy’s Contracts and Confidence

Ma Khin Moe has owned and operated Khin Moe Pharmacy in Yangon since 1999. As a respected member of Yangon’s small business community, clientele, doctors and healthcare professionals rely on her for pharmaceuticals, while her staff benefits from her experience and mentorship.


Although Ms. Moe aspired to expand her business, a traditional, hand-written record-keeping system and little access to new customers hampered its growth and drained existing social and brand capital. An increasingly competitive market and changes in customer expectations around technical standards only heightened these obstacles.

Building Markets’ solution

Ms. Khin Khin Moe enrolled in Building Markets training to learn how to apply for tenders, and to upgrade her business plan and operations. Building Markets’ matchmaking services enabled her to identify and respond to new business opportunities. A clearer vision for her business, coupled with a move to digitized pharmacy administration, quickly yielded faster and more accurate operations, as well as an increase in Ms. Moe’s confidence that she could respond to any opportunity that aligned with her company’s capacity and offering.


  • Exponential growth of the pharmacy’s following three contracts
  • Continual business improvement and expansion
  • Increased operational speed and accuracy
  • Increased capacity to pursue a broader range and scale of opportunities
  • Increased competitive ability to meet and surpass expectations of new and existing customers

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