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Earthquake Victims in Türkiye: Three Ways to Help Now

by Building Markets
February 8, 2023

On Monday, a 7.8 magnitude earthquake wrecked cities and shattered lives across Türkiye and Syria. The situation on the ground is still unfolding, but more than 7,000 people have been killed and tens of thousands injured, numbers that are likely to grow in the coming days. Devastating damage to homes and businesses only compounds years of trauma for many Syrian refugees living in the hardest hit areas. 

“For the Turkish people, we have lived through earthquakes like this before but for our Syrian friends, it just feels like crisis upon crisis. They have already lost their homes and family members and were in the process of rebuilding their lives. This is a new kind of devastation,” said Bora Arican, Program Services Country Director in Türkiye.

Building Markets is proud to work with our business partners to deliver relief to earthquake victims, and we also need your help. Here are three ways to make an immediate impact and meet urgent needs:

  • Give to the Emergency Relief Fund. The Building Markets team is on the ground assessing the immediate needs of more than 1,250 Syrian refugee and Turkish business owners we work with and live in areas devastated by the earthquake. Your support can help them find a safe place to shelter, access food and medical supplies, and begin to rebuild their homes and businesses that have been destroyed.
  • Fund Mobile Kitchens. We are partnering with the Syrian Restaurant Association to deliver thousands of hot meals in Hatay and Gaziantep. $50 can deliver 25 meals to people in need. 
  • Send a food basket. Food industry entrepreneurs in our network are already pivoting to support relief efforts by building food baskets for earthquake victims. Each basket includes essentials to feed a family of four: $150 can feed five families. 


Help Today

We are working to raise $100,000 to meet these urgent needs.

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