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Entrepreneur Finds Success in Türkiye, Exporting to 8 Countries Through E-Commerce Support

by Sedanur Albaş
December 6, 2022

Everyone deserves the opportunity to build their future with confidence and without fear, but for Ibrahim Berakat, that didn’t seem possible when he was 21. Studying Biochemistry at the University of Aleppo when the war broke out, Ibrahim left Syria for Jordan in 2011. He was able to complete his pharmacy studies but found few job opportunities, leaving him feeling uncertain about his future.

Ibrahim decided to move to Istanbul and worked his way up in various pharmaceutical laboratories, ultimately establishing his company “Pharma One Türkiye.” Even though he had experience, he still found himself with questions about running a business after making the big leap into entrepreneurship. Building Markets offered answers.

When he was just starting out, Ibrahim had a lot to learn about taxes, exporting, and banking. With the skills and resources gained from Building Markets training and e-commerce platforms, Ibrahim’s business has grown in success. Pharma One Türkiye proudly exports his products to 8 countries as far as Algeria and Germany.

Building Markets helps connect small businesses and bridge the gaps in understanding, like the questions that Ibrahim once faced.  

Building Markets had a great role in developing and expanding my business through the individual and group training sessions that I attended. The marketing and e-commerce consultancy sessions had a great impact on the development of our work. Entering the Turkish market and building a digital presence through e-commerce and social media marketing ended up increasing my online sales.


Now Ibrahim looks to the future with confidence, continuously striving to increase productivity and exports of his products, like the best-seller hair serum his team developed. With his skills and experience, he’s encouraging others to take advantage of international trade opportunities that allowed his company to grow. Building Markets helped Ibrahim elevate his business to where it is today, positively influencing his own life and the global labor market as a whole.

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