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Muhammet Başar Savas
{CN} is a shipping company based in Esenyurt, Istanbul, specializing in the transportation of various goods including heavy equipment, building materials, workshop equipment, fabrics, clothing, plastic materials, sanitary materials, and spare parts for production lines. We offer comprehensive services such as complete containers of all kinds, customs declaration services in Turkey and all Arab countries, partial and combined shipping, and fast and regular freight shipping from Turkey to all Arab countries. In addition to our shipping services, we also manufacture the necessary equipment for building, construction, and interior and exterior cladding. As a renowned company, we supply all building supplies including plastics, chemicals, ladders, transport carts, and various other products used in construction and cladding. Furthermore, we engage in the import and export of construction products, cladding, and accessories to Middle Eastern countries, European countries, African countries, Gulf countries, South America, and North America. Founded in 2019, {CN} is committed to providing reliable shipping services and high-quality products to meet the diverse needs of our clients across the world.