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Obaida Sayed Ali
Based in Şehitkamil, Gaziantep, {CN} is a consulting and training company specializing in development consultancy for public, civil society, and businesses. With extensive experience in projects and programs at national and regional levels, {CN} has worked with numerous local and international organizations, conducting assessments, evaluations, planning, strategic plans, and capacity building. They offer a range of services, including training, coaching system development, and documentation of processes and procedures. {CN} has worked in various sectors such as business development, entrepreneurship development, civil society development, public sector development, gender, and more. They have provided services for inclusive social development, human development, and microfinance projects and initiatives. With a network of highly experienced consultants and field workers reaching all areas in Syria and some MENA countries, {CN} is involved in exporting to European, Gulf, North American, and African countries. Established in 2022, {CN} strives to deliver high-quality consulting and training services.