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Mhd Yaser Sabbagh
Let Pi̇rlantem Gayri̇menkul help choose the most suitable property for you! Pi̇rlantem Gayri̇menkul is a large-scale Turkish company specializing in real estate consultancy and brokerage, with offices in Istanbul, Trabzon, Sakarya, and Antalya. The company works throughout Türkiye, has agents in several cities in the Middle East, and agreements with most major Turkish construction companies. Pi̇rlantem Gayri̇menkul specializes in real estate investment for foreigners interested in owning property in Türkiye. The company has achieved success in the Turkish real estate market during its long career, and has gained extensive practical experience. Pi̇rlantem Gayri̇menkul has established a positive reputation locally and regionally, winning the confidence of foreign investors and Turkish construction companies alike.
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