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Fahd Zatari̇
{CN} is keep to provide its services to its clients in a fast, easy and thoughtful way. Hence, we serve to follow-up and terminate all lawsuits and represent all official departments and institutions and take all necessary measures in accordance with the needs and objectives of their clients. The lawyers of {CN} work believing in their message and valuing the trust that their clients give them on • Representation before all types of courts (peace, first instance, appeal, cassation, administrative courts and higher administrative court) as well as in all types of proceedings (commercial, banking, civil, administrative, labor, criminal and real estate) Coverage of all levels of prosecution, including tenant evictions, family and divorce claims, and appeals against administrative decisions (such as decisions on revocation of residence, deportation decisions, revocation of municipal permits) as well as your representation in filing complaints with the Attorney-General, challenging decisions of enforcement services (procedure), opening files on bonds and checks and claiming amounts.
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