Hidden Treasures of the Circular Economy: The Crucial Role of MSMEs and Other Upstream Actors - Building Markets
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Jun 08 2022

06/08/2022 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am EDT

Hidden Treasures of the Circular Economy: The Crucial Role of MSMEs and Other Upstream Actors

Virtual (Zoom Event)

Harnessing the role of the private sector is essential to helping cities and communities develop climate resilience, and the adoption of circular economy principles is essential to achieving net-positive solutions to solve our climate crisis. Globally, small businesses make up 50% of the private sector and 80% or more in many developing countries, which are most vulnerable to climate change.

Building Markets works with small businesses around the world to find and verify operations, build small business capacity, and connect small businesses to investment and contract opportunities. Through our program in Myanmar, which focuses on building the capacity of recycling small businesses, Building Markets is creating a circular economy toolkit to empower micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the recycling sector to become powerful actors in the fight against waste.

Building Markets is convening this discussion as part of our ongoing investment in helping small businesses integrate circular principles into their own business practices, including the development of a Circular Economy Toolkit for MSMEs, and raising awareness about the essential role small businesses play in the circular economy.

In this event we will explore questions like:

– What is the Circular Economy and who are the players?
– What is the business case for the circular economy?
– What is the private sector’s role in the Circular Economy in particular?
– What is the role of MSMEs in the Circular Economy?
– How can MSMEs drive consumer behavior change or promote sustainable consumption?
– What are barriers/enablers to this movement and what partnerships are needed for success?
– What support do MSMEs need and how do we measure impact?
– Who are the upstream actors in the Circular Economy?



Eva Morales


Founder & CEO, Circular Advisors

Inda Aung Soe

Co-Founder, Bokashi Myanmar


Allison Anderson


Research and Impact Advisor, Building Markets

Denis Schaefer

Team Leader, Prevent Plastics