Events from October 12 – June 22 – Building Markets


Encuentro del Ecosistema de Building Markets Latinoamérica

Hotel Intercontinental Cali

Te invitamos al encuentro del Ecosistema de Building Markets Latin America el jueves 22 de junio a las 8:00 am en el Hotel Intercontinental Cali. Presentaremos nuestra misión de apoyar […]

Talent Management

Virtual (Zoom Event)

Building Markets is organizing a Talent Management event with Opex Academy Management Consultant and Trainer Mr. Tufan Karaca and Horizons Learning UK Human Resources Consultant Mr. Mohammed Ayyash as guests. […]

Accelerating local economic development through refugee-led SMEs

Virtual (Zoom Event)

In the face of significant global displacement and growing inequality, the narrative around refugees needs a shift: from viewing refugees merely as aid recipients to acknowledging their resilience and resourcefulness […]

Sustainable Growth Conference

In partnership with Başakşehir Municipality and Living Lab, Building Markets will present a conference that will explore the latest developments in sustainable digital growth for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs). […]

Building Markets’ Global Strategy Webinar

Virtual (Zoom Event)

By 2028, Building Markets will drive $400 million in new revenues to small business owners, improving the lives of economically vulnerable individuals and families, and bolster inclusive economies by increasing […]