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Featured Business – Carpintaria Citra Mandiri, Ermera

by Building Markets
December 7, 2009

On 19 November 2009 PDT’s Business Verification Team discovered a new business named Carpintaria Citra Mandiri (Profile found here) in Ermera district.  Recently established this business owned by Ms. Leonica Trindade and makes a range of furniture products.

Baptista Da Silva of PDT takes information from Ms. Trindade, owner of Carpintaria Citra Mandiri
An Indonesian craftsman assiting in training Timorese staff. 
Interestingly this business has started a new development program in partnership with the Ministry of Economy and Development, providing carpentry training to local youths interested in the trade. The Ministry has allocated Ms. Leoncia support funds to build a training facility which upon its completion will provide a training ground for their 10 current apprentices. Currently, in addition to the trainees, the enterprise employs 5 national workers, one of which is female, and 5 international males.

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