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Featured Business Profile 4: Companhia Donogi

by Building Markets
October 8, 2008

Companhia Donogi is a new local construction and general services company established by Mr. Venancio Pereira Moniz. Companhia Donogi specialises in general services such as: construction, water canalization, welding and bricklaying.
Mr. Venancio Pereira Moniz makes estimations/quotations for the materials used for construction purposes.

Mr. Venancio also designs homes and locates underground water sources for homes (canalization) to be piped for everyday use.

Mr. Venancio can repair car vehicles and can function as an operator for heavy duty construction vehicles such as tractors and excavators.

Santa Cruz, Dili – Timor Leste
Hp: +670 731 4981
For English Call 729 0313 (Felix)

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