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Featured Business – Sao Jose Carpintaria

by Building Markets
February 24, 2010

Owner Mr. Gagu with his personally crafted product, model Timorese traditional houses.
Located in the small town of Hatolia in the District of Ermera, Mr. Julito Gagu’s company Sao Jose Carpintaria supplies the community with carpentry products made from teak wood. However, the normal range of carpentry wares is not all that Mr. Gagu’s specializes in assembling; individually constructed models of traditional Timorese houses or uma adat are what makes Gagu’s carpentry outfit memorable.
Sao Jose Carpintaria’s online profile page on the BuildingMarkets.org Online Procurement Database.
Even though Sao Jose Carpintaria encounters problems faced by many rural business operating in Timor-Leste, such as lack of transport and electricity, the company has already attracted the attention of local buyers. He has been commissioned several times by Hatolia’s junior high school to construct model houses to be used as gifts for international donors. An added benefit of collaboration with the school is the assistance in tuition payment that he now receives for his five children.


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