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Good Year now in Timor-Leste

by Building Markets
May 28, 2010

Goodyear is the biggest supplier of tires worldwide and has obtained a reputation as a provider of excellent quality products. Goodyear commenced operations in America in 1898 and has opened numerous outlets around the world, the latest of which is the store that opened January 2010 in Dili,Timor Leste. It operates under the name of Goodyear Timor Leste Lda.

This is great news for car users and transport providers alike to hear as road conditions in Timor-Leste can cause difficulties whilst driving due to mountainous terrain and road surfaces. Therefore, the provision of quality tires ensures safer driving for motorists, which is all in a days work for this specialist tire provider.

The managers, Mr Teh Han Kiat and Mr   Loo Chon On, have had up to 30 years of experience with Goodyear products in Malaysia and are now happy to bring this experience to the people of Timor-Leste. They are also looking forward to providing great training for the 3 staff that works along side them. Both men look forward to the business expanding within Timor-Leste and hope to find partnerships in the community, both privately and with the government.

Their motto is “obstacle is the opportunity”, meaning with obstacles comes the opportunity to improve the business. This is a belief they also hold for the community of Timor-Leste, ensuring that the business is an active member of the community supporting youth and other projects.

So, for all your tire needs in Timor-Leste, Goodyear outlet is now available at  Rua Avenida Martires da Patria Fatuhada, Dili, Timor Leste, on the main  road to Comoro. Should you have any queries,

please contact directly:

Mr. Teh Han Kiat:    mobile +670 7531919
Mr. Loo Chon On:    mobile +670 7531818
Email:  [email protected]

For questions regarding the Peace Dividend Marketplace please contact

Email: [email protected]

or visit the Timor-Leste buildingmarkets website

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