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Happy Holidays from Building Markets in Liberia

by Building Markets
December 19, 2013

Building Markets in Liberia is never about hand-outs, except when it comes to Christmas. To spread Christmas cheer farther this year, Building Markets took up a collection for local orphanages and asked the stellar local SMEs we work with to donate whatever they could — cash, toys, food, soap. Building Markets staff contributed, too.

In the end, we were overwhelmed by the response. We received so many donations that it was too much for one orphanage, so we expanded to include another orphanage and an after-school program.

On Wednesday, December 17, Building Markets staff and Santa spent the afternoon delivering toys and food to the orphanages spread out throughout Monrovia.

The first stop was Sis Iye Children Orphanage in Kerbah where the kids couldn’t be happier to see Santa.

Next was Child Survival Children Ministries in Bernard Farm, Paynesville where the visit ended up in a dance-off.

And last was an after school program, Joy Gives International in Congotown, where children received notebooks and pencils but were most excited about the kickball, which they used to challenge Santa to a friendly dodgeball match.

Building Markets handed out candy, ice cream, toys, clothes and school materials at all three locations. Staff were glad to put smiles on the faces of children who need it most this Christmas.

We’d like to thank the following Liberian businesses for their generous contributions (in alphabetical order):

  • Actual General & Marine Services Liberia Inc., Anonymous
  • Advance Construction, Daniel B. Doe
  • Boima Folley Sport Center, Boima Folley
  • City Sanitation, Lawrence Mizare
  • CFE Distributor, Anonymous
  • Eden Park Cafeteria and Catering Services, Anonymous
  • Greenfield Liberia Inc., Anonymous
  • Kysambi Car Rental, Anonymous
  • Neiama Engineering and Construction Corporation Inc.
  • Rx Pharmacy, A. Lamine Sambolah
  • Shark’s Entertainment Incorporated, Eyvonne Bright

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