Happy New Year from Haiti - Building Markets

Happy New Year from Haiti

by David Einhorn
January 4, 2012

We’ve got a lot of exciting things planned at PDT Haiti in 2012.  We’ve also had some staffing changes that will have a big impact.  On 31 December, we said goodbye to Salim Loxley, our Haiti Country Director and fixture of Haitian TV (see below).  Sal and the Haiti team confirmed $30 million in contracts facilitated for Haitian SME last year, among other things.  We’re hoping that Haiti First really takes off this year after so much buzz.

Segolene d’Herlincourt will lead the way in 2012 and the team will be joined by a new Business Development Manager, Kim Loranger.  We were relieved to have our favorite 2011 PDT video to play for Kim on her first day of work. It says it all about what we do, starting with a great question:  What’s wrong with international aid?  It’s not local. Take a look at the image below and check out the video.

We’re continuing our great partnership with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and our regular Thursday procurement training sessions.  Stay tuned in the coming weeks for our construction sector findings, our new business development events and some cool Haitian stories produced by the winner of the Best. Fellowship. Ever.

Happy New Year! Bon Ane! Bonne Année!

Salim Loxley goes on national TV and says: Achte Lakay. Bay Ayiti Jaret. Buy Local, Build Haiti.
Why buy local? Among other things, this creates jobs by ensuring that development dollars are spent in the countries they are meant to help.


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