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How Baraa is Building a Thriving E-commerce Business in Türkiye

by Nawar Maarri
May 27, 2024

In 2015, Baraa, originally from Daraa, Syria, sought refuge in Türkiye with her family. Despite holding a law degree from Damascus University, she faced challenges finding work in Mersin due to diploma equivalency issues. Baraa’s entrepreneurial spirit, nurtured since her time in Syria, led her to explore a flexible work-from-home opportunity that would allow her to balance work and motherhood. Her first business venture was an online Turkish educational platform, however the  onset of the pandemic brought unforeseen setbacks to the project.

In 2023, Baraa launched her second venture, Online Pharmacy, specializing in nutritional supplements, vitamins, and skincare products, targeting the Arabian Gulf region where Turkish products are in high demand. Shortly after launching, Baraa joined the Building Markets network and participated in mentorship sessions. With this support and newfound confidence, she successfully applied for a small business support grant with the help of Building Markets, which helps refugee-owned small business leaders get started in host countries. The funding allowed Baraa to expand her platform to include clothing, children’s products, and more, significantly enhancing her business plan and operational strategies.

In addition to financial support, Building Markets’ networking events have opened doors to valuable collaborations and opportunities. Through these events, Baraa partnered with a digital marketing company, a crucial step in furthering her business prospects. She has also gained essential skills and knowledge through export training provided by Building Markets, empowering her to expand her reach.

Baraa shares, “Since I started receiving mentorship from Building Markets, my sales have doubled. If I had known about Building Markets when I started my first business, I believe I wouldn’t have stopped because I would have found the support I needed to keep pushing forward.”

Baraa’s optimism continues to inspire many. She hopes to train and set an example for other women who message her on social media, seeking advice on achieving success. Currently, she is in her third year of studying business administration through open education at Anadolu University.

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