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How to Claim Your Organization on Building Markets’ Online Platform

by Building Markets
May 17, 2018

Building Markets’ new online platform for Syrian civil society organizations (also known as NGOs) brings visibility to the local groups responding to the humanitarian crisis in Syria. Working with our partner, Watan, we surveyed hundreds of Syrian-led organizations in Turkey and Syria.  With this data, we created an online directory of local organizations that provide humanitarian aid, from education initiatives, to food security and medical relief efforts. Our goal is to connect these incredible organizations to new opportunities and partnerships through increased visibility by profiling their organizations online.

Who can add an organization to the platform?

Only Syrian-led civil society organizations in the region are eligible to be listed on the online platform at this time.

If your organization is not already listed, create an account on our platform, and fill out this short online form (accessible here), following which our team will contact you to verify your information before approving your listing. Once your listing has been approved, you will have the opportunity to “claim” your listing.

Why should I claim my listing?

Claiming your organization on our platform gives the listing more validity, and gives you control of what information about your organization is shared online. You can add photos and the organization’s logo, and keep the listing up-to-date with the most current information.

Claiming your organization is easy! Just follow the steps below. Once you submit the claim for your organization, the claim will be verified by our team within 48 hours.

1. First, create an account on our platform.



2. Use the search function on the home page to search for the name of your organization.

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3. Once you locate your organization, click on it.


4. On the organization’s profile page there will be an ‘Is this your organization? Claim this listing’ option that you can click on.


5. You only have to complete a short form with you name, phone number, and some detail about yourself that will help us to verify your claim.

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6. Once completed, click ‘Submit Claim’.

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7. You will hear back from us within 48 hours at the email you provided.


Have any other questions? Feel free to comment below or email us at [email protected]

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