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Hungry for work? I have something you want.

by Building Markets
January 26, 2011

Well in mid-December 2010 I blogged about our re-launch of the online jobs directory which went from this version to this version.

Funky new jobs bumper stickers. Want one? Just ask for one.

Well it turns out that that December blog posting has been read more than any other posting by all PDT bloggers across offices in 5 countries.  Over 3,100 visits to that one blog posting so far.  Quite something.  It would appear that Timorese are hungry for work, and the traffic on the Timor-Leste Business Portal which hosts the new jobs directory has “gone bananas”.

Bananas web hits.

To get a sense of the employers that are offering jobs so far I played around with Wordle and got this.

Employers - we need more from the "foho"(mountains) where so many of the unemployed are.

And then to get a sense of what types of jobs are being offered I played around with Wordle again and got this.

Jobs on offer... we need more trade jobs.

Then funnily enough just a few min ago I got a letter from Bendito Freitas at SEFOPE asking PDT to participate in a Career Fair in February 2011.

Career Fair Feb 2011 - DIli.
Letter asking for participation - it took 8 weeks to travel 250 metres down the road. Its a great idea and we will be there though.

After sitting and having a think, it occured to me that while SEFOPE want PDT to be there in case we can offer jobs to recent graduates I had a better idea.  PDT may or may not be around after the current funding runs out on 30 June, and we only employ about 25 people at the moment, but what about people that employ tens of thousands?

What am I on about?  The Timor-Leste Business Portal – it has over 3,000 employeers on it, and I have all of their business profiles, names, numbers, phone numbers and email addresses.  Just the stuff that job seekers want! So its not just about the new jobs directory which is going off like a roman candle but is also about the key info we have for jobseekers – the phone numbers of over 3,000 businesses that are in a position to hire electricians, admin staff, computer techs, civil engineers etc.

Must dash, I have to share the idea with Bendito at SEFOPE.

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