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Independente and Getting Things Done

by Building Markets
April 13, 2011

So we have a new newspaper in town.  The “Independente”.  I was reading it today and noticed an interesting ad – guys who can fix you up with just about anything – documentation services:

According to their business profile on the Timor-Leste Business Portal they can set you up with:

  1. new business registration;
  2. labor visa;
  3. business license;
  4. good attitude document;
  5. passport;
  6. civil registry RDTL birth certificate;
  7. and other documents.

Navigating the politics, personalities and processes in the bureaucracy can be hard – but be assured that local people know local processes better than pale faces like myself. It would sure help get business done – and business transactions made.

Nova Sorte – give them a call. Their business profile is here.

Nova Sorte - fixers!

Here is the front page of the “Independente”.


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