January 12, 2012 - Building Markets

January 12, 2012

by David Einhorn
January 12, 2012

Peace Dividend Marketplace-Haiti is closed today, which has been declared a national holiday to mark the second anniversary of the 2010 earthquake that shook this nation to its core as the world watched in horror.

Haitians make up 90 percent of our staff here, and I’ve made a point as I’ve gotten to know my colleagues to ask where they were and what happened to them and their families two years ago. Most seem to want to share their stories as a way to honor the memory of that tragic day. Some lost loved ones, others lost their homes, some saw the neighborhoods they had grown up in destroyed. Their stories are almost unfathomable to me, even after I’ve seen the damage and the rubble and the amputees and all the other daily reminders of what happened two years ago.

All of this serves to redouble the resolve of Peace Dividend Trust to help Haiti rebuild. Tomorrow we start anew. But on this day of reflection, we join everyone in Haiti in mourning those who perished and in sharing our thoughts and prayers with the nation.




Photo credit:  http://gothamist.com/2010/01/13/photos_haiti_earthquake.php (Haiti Earthquake Aftermath: Photos, Video, How to Help).

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