RFQ: Sustainability and Exit Strategies Consultancy - Building Markets

RFQ: Sustainability and Exit Strategies Consultancy

Request for Quotation (RFQ) Number: RFQ-21-2-21

Issuance Date: 14 June 2022

Closing Date: 14 September 2022

Closing Date – Timestamp: 5:00 PM TRT (UTC+3)

RFQ Instructions: Full RFQ and Financial Proposal Template

Method of RFQ Submission: Submit via email to: turkey.tenders@buildingmarkets.org

Subject Line: Price quote for RFQ-21-2-21

Submission Format: Email

Preferred currency of quotation: United States Dollars (USD)

Tax on Price Quotation: Must be inclusive of VAT and other applicable indirect taxes

Conditions for Release of Payment: All services delivered as per contract scope of work & deliverables

Period of Validity of Quotes starting on the Submission Date: 60 Days

Evaluation Criteria:

Financial Proposal  (30%)

Technical Proposal (70%)

●      Expertise – Relevance and experience in developing successful sustainability and exit strategies (15%)

●      Expertise in conducting market research; demonstrated previous experience that can be considered relevant to Building Markets’ scope of work (20%)

●      Understanding of refugee livelihoods and economic development programming (15%)

●      Clarity of proposal (10%)

●      References (10%)

Deadline for submitting questions: 14 September 2022


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